CMU faculty recognized by students on National Teachers Day

CMU asked students and alumni about the faculty members who most impacted their life and career. Here are the responses.


  1. Jack Williamson. Pushed me and challenged me to be the best musician I could be. And Mary Jo White for the same reasons, though she wasn't there for very long.
  2. Dr. Diane Krider! She's a force. She goes to great lengths for her students, always encouraging creativeness and the entrepreneurial spirit in her students. There was no doubt who was in our corner. Thanks, Dr. Krider!
  3. Dr. Ed Hinck had a huge impact on the direction of my teaching career and coaching of debate and forensics not to mention I met my husband thru Ed's invitation to join CMU debate!
  4. Tim Otteman and really the entire RPL department! They don't get the recognition they deserve! They spend so much of their own time with students & we know they truly care about us and our futures!
  5. Betsy Pollard Rau! She's the first professor I've had at CMU that has empowered me to believe in my work. She's amazing!
  6. Prof. Leslie Wallace, Dr. Karen Lomond, Dr. Todd Tremlin, Prof. Sherry Williams, and Dr. Roop Jayaraman were all outstanding teachers. By far the best professors I had at CMU!
  7. A huge thank you to Dr. Martha Frank for making all three of my 500-level math classes be a breeze this semester! It takes a great professor to keep the comedy going like she does :)