Enquire Annual Conference - 16 March 2017, Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh

From the margins to the mainstream: ensuring every child has a positive school experience


  1. How can we ensure that every child feels part of their school community and is supported to have a positive learning experience?
  2. The 2017 Annual Conference from Enquire, the Scottish advice service for additional support for learning, explored how we can work together to remove barriers to participation, learning and achievement, in order to promote inclusion and help ensure that a positive and high quality school experience for every child is developed and sustained.
  3. Through a mix of informative presentations and practical workshops led by national and international experts, delegates reflected on the key features of inclusive learning environments and explored ways to develop practices that strengthen the capacity of our schools to educate all learners effectively.
  4. Learning Outcomes:
    • Identify those aspects of school life which best promote an inclusive ethos and a positive school experience
    • Reflect on the extent to which the curriculum, learning and teaching in your school and classroom foster an inclusive approach
    • Liaise with and learn from the experiences of fellow professionals engaged in providing services for children and young people
    • Hear children and young people share their own experiences, alongside creative approaches, up-to-date research and work currently being done to promote inclusive practice in schools across all sectors within the broader context of Curriculum for Excellence.
  5. The preparation is well underway