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2017 CIHA Blog Conference, Dakar, Senegal

Religion, Health, Healing and Gender in Africa / Religion, santé, guréison et genre en Afrique


  1. The first two days of the CIHA Blog conference taking place this week (Dec 11 – 16) have engaged participants from a range of religious traditions present in Africa, NGO health and gender experts, and scholars on conversations about health, gender and religion in Africa. Formal panel sessions were further enhanced with visits to the Galerie Nationale and Réseau Informatique des Herbiers Africains lab at Universite Cheikh Anta Diop which houses an incredible collection of medicinal and other plants from all over Africa. Conversations thus far have included questions about how to move “traditional” medicine/ forms of knowledge from the margins and outside of the norm to be fully recognized and valued as well as debates on whether and how traditional and “western/modern” healing can work together. Today, the third day of the conference, participants traveled to Fatick, Senegal and from tomorrow, the group will be going to Casamance. The conference concludes on Saturday back in Dakar.
  2. Follow ongoing conference proceedings at #CIHA2017 on Twitter!