On the final Monday in March of 2014, as a spooky new moon failed to illuminate the night sky, a crazy group of writers came together to create the worst possible story on Twitter.


  1. Writer Chris Henderson-Bauer first pitched this madcap idea to her writing group, The Leaky Rowboat Writing Collective. Instead of warding her off with garlic and crosses, her fellow writers made the fatal mistake of encouraging her. She fleshed out her dastardly plan in a Twitter chat with members of the Wordsmith Studio, who then went on to coin the phrase "dark and stormy marshmallow-covered zombierotica."

    Emboldened by her preliminary success, Chris posted the details on her website and invited other writers to join in. Members of the NaNoWriMo Participants Facebook group and Seattle WriterGrrls quickly volunteered to be sacrificial victims participate.
  2. At 6 PM PDT, as Chris cackled softly before her computer, the game began.