Free Our Voices - Every Child has the Right to be Heard

Did you know that every second, somewhere in the world a child contacts a child helpline? Unfortunately, half of the children's calls for help are never answered due to a lack of resources. Join the Free Our Voices campaign and help us ensure that no child is left unheard!


  1. Today we're hosting a workshop with child helplines, telecom operators and other ICT partners, on child online protection! We're back in London, at the GSMA offices. This is a video summary of our meeting from last year:
  2. Child Helpline International and the GSMA
  3. Celebrate with us the International Child Helpline Day!

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  7. We are proud to launch this campaign together with the ITU. We hope to inspire many partnerships between child helplines and the ICT sector in order to better protect children!

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  9. Interview with Thomas Muller, Head of Policy and Research at Child Helpline International.
  10. We should empower children to protect themselves and educate them about online risks, their rights and ways to report problems and receive support!
  11. A great Free Our Voices achievement! Zain group is supporting CHI's members in the MENA Region!