#LitLead Archive "Energizing Educators" 3.13.14

See what literacy leaders and our guest host, Meenoo Rami, do to energize their students, themselves and their colleagues!

  1. Good evening #LitLead! For the next hour we’re discussing “Energizing Educators” with our guest host @meenoorami. #litlead
  2. We're so excited to celebrate the release of Thrive with @meenoorami tonight! Meenoo teaches English at SLA in Philadelphia, PA #litlead
  3. Thank you @meenoorami for joining in our chat tonight! Let’s get started! #LitLead
  4. @CELeadership thank you for your invitation, loved the conf and speaking there in Nov. #LitLead
  5. if you lead literacy work in your school, your district, you have to join @CELeadership #LitLead
  6. Have been thinking a lot abt energy lately so my question is Q1 What do you do energize yourself? #LitLead
  7. Maintain friendships with engaged and exciting minds #litlead
  8. #litlead A1 i try to energize myself by collaborating with others. for example, had a great phone chat with @heatherrocco today!!!
  9. A1. I run and practice yoga. But I rejuvenate most by reading - novels & poetry. #litlead
  10. Q1-Reserve & guard as sacred weekly time 4 self & family. Use time 2 listen & do something nice for others #nctechat, #CELeadership #litlead
  11. Brian-- lead eng T from NY and I run  http://www.talkswithteachers.com . Q1. The challenge of delivering content in creative + impactful ways #litlead
  12. Thanks so much for chatting today @MrBronke! That's what @CELeadership is all about! Love the connections w/ smart, kind people! #litlead
  13. @ajr1206 love your point about making time for yourself, so imp. #LitLead
  14. A1 I like to read and/or cook. My kids help give me energy too #litlead
  15. @heatherrocco I have been making more time for mediation and yoga in my life lately as well. It was time to return to it. #LitLead
  16. @meenoorami Luckily, I work with many of them and am married to one. But I try to keep in touch w pln through twitter and email #LitLead
  17. As leaders we need to support teachers, so... Q2 What do you do to energize those around you? #litLead
  18. @GSipley we need to able to make sense of our day sometimes and it’s good to have willing friends who can help us process #LitLead
  19. #LitLead Janice from Illinois joining the chat - agree that finding time for professional conversations is key - and so is having Me time
  20. Teaching is a bit like the IWW you're banded together through shared work and value #litLead
  21. Ask Heather :-) Encourage others to reserve and guard as sacred weekly time for self and family. #litlead
  22. Complaining is a drain. Creating and working on projects keep you motivated. #litLead
  23. Hi! joining a little late...can use a little motivation! #litlead
  24. A2. I love to hear people talk about what they are reading and encourage my dept to do what feeds their soul. #litlead
  25. #litlead lately, writing (professionally or personally) has really been my "me time"
  26. Collaborate, think outside the box; co-teach, monthly dinners, reading for pleasure! #LitLead
  27. @CELeadership Listen with an open heart and curious mind. Ask good questions. #LitLead
  28. @ajr1206 have a blog, have my own writing notebook, and working...perhaps...on a book. who knows... #litlead
  29. @GSipley I agree, it doesn't lead to anything. I try to keep doors open for positive sides #litlead
  30. I've been trying to do little things to encourage my T's. I sent them all valentines this year. They were so surprised and grateful #litlead
  31. @TchrAnnie Yep. Co-teaching is inspiring and can also be efficient when we share the grading. #litlead
  32. I agree @MrBronke I signed on to write several professional projects last month, and it was so energizing for me. #litlead
  33. @meenoorami Absolutely! Or just time to have rich escapist discussions. #LitLead
  34. Yes! MT @meenoorami we nd to able to make sense of our day sometimes + it’s good to have willing friends who can help us process #litlead
  35. @ajr1206 @MrBronke writing can so energizing, especially when you find the flow. #LitLead
  36. MT @KeriSkeeters I've been trying to do little things to encourage T's. I sent them valentines. They were so surprised & grateful #litlead
  37. @meenoorami @ajr1206 @MrBronke I find that when I stretch myself professionally, I feel a natural high #litlead
  38. A2: I've also been trying to compliment as much as possible whenever I can. I think this is so important. An "atta boy" goes so far #litlead
  39. @meenoorami @CELeadership Questions and inquiry are key to energizing my practice; love the "open heart" addition #LitLead
  40. Q4 What habits do you utilize while teaching to keep you and your students energized? #litLead
  41. @Baskina87 @ajr1206 it's easy...don't sleep haha idk. if you have the write topic/passion to write about...you fine time #litlead
  42. @jschwarzeteach @ajr1206 @MrBronke seems like we need to find moments of learning/growth for ourselves as Ts. #LitLead
  43. @RachelVSmall Yes, talking about non-education interests and encouraging each other to take risks is important #LitLead
  44. I think it so important to make the time to write (and read). I do it after putting kids to bed. @Baskina87 @MrBronke @ajr1206 #LitLead
  45. @CELeadership i think @heatherrocco will like this response: using music thoughtfully can energize a class. #LitLead
  46. @jschwarzeteach Laughter is one of the main ways Janice and I get through our days!!! #litlead
  47. A4 -Open-mindedness, tolerance and forgiveness. Balancing firmness with fairness. #litlead
  48. A4: Our classes are energized when we incorporate inquiry. Students take and run with the learning and this energizes the Ts. #litlead
  49. @CELeadership i think @heatherrocco Music especially helpful in the classroom to energize and calm #litlead
  50. A2 I try to send a poem to my dept every Friday. Poetry centers me. I hope it gives them a peaceful moment too. #litlead
  51. @CELeadership Elaine from @DGNLitCoaches in Illinois... asking new questions everyday and really trying to find multiple answers #litlead
  52. @heatherrocco Ooooh! I like this idea - I think I'll steal this idea if you don't mind! #litlead
  53. A4: student choice on projects, daily 5 minute workout, morning meeting activities that foster community and fun #LitLead
  54. NY ELA teacher: My best way to stay energized is extra-curriculars: Knowing Ss in this context— engaging, invigorating, surprising #LitLead
  55. It's fun being on this chat tonight - lots of names I saw at #CEL14 and haven't seen since! :) #litlead
  56. A4: sharing decisions about classroom practice w/ Ss empowers and energizes them in my exp. #LitLead
  57. @heatherrocco Great idea. Would be nice to see some of poems. Add me to mailing list? #litlead
  58. @KeriSkeeters Of course not! I have been doing it for 11 years. When I forget to send one, people usually email me looking for it! #litlead
  59. I do music video Monday after MC for AP lit, try to find video connecting to what we're studying #litlead
  60. #litlead The best energy is what comes in the door. When I can, I greet them with my best self and SMILE
  61. @ajr1206 Absolutely. Anyone else want to receive my Happy Friday poems, send me a DM! #LitLead
  62. @ajr1206 @heatherrocco A colleague and I took turns e-mailing each other poems for about 3 months; loved it and need to resume #litlead
  63. @oonziela. Greeting students at the door works for me. Thanks for reminding us. #llitlead #litlead
  64. @heatherrocco Where do you find poems? Do you have a fav place? I feel like since I left the clssrm I don't read as much poetry. #litlead
  65. @heatherrocco writer’s almanac email is a great way to start the day/class for all ELA Ts. #LitLead
  66. @MrBronke Read one poem every single day. Attend poetry readings a few times a year. It changes your soul. #litlead
  67. @KeriSkeeters I use Writers Almanac, Daily Poetry, and often pull from my favs like Stephen Dunn, Kay Ryan, Mary Oliver, etc. #litlead
  68. @heatherrocco you are like my poetry Yoda, heather! great idea. we might need to chat about favorite poets to explore teach me! #litlead
  69. Q5 How do you cultivate the habit of noticing the tiny moments of joy in your class? #litLead
  70. Best advice @heatherrocco gave me @MrBronke Open Back to School Night/Parent Open House w/ a poem. They're stunned & silenced :-) #litlead
  71. .@MrBronke I am always happy to talk about poetry! You have @PoetryFound near you in Chicago. They always have great events. #litlead
  72. Regularly greeting students at door.Asking students “what’s up?” & watching &listening to answers. Posting student artwork. #litlead
  73. #litlead A5 easy answer...get out of the way...let the S do the work so you can enjoy their brilliance...just like #bronke3rdhour
  74. @CELeadership Tell the student when they made you happy; I laugh out loud when I grade their writing and I can hear the "voice" #litlead
  75. @KeriSkeeters @oonziela I always used "Famous" by Naomi Shihab Nye on B to School Night. Great one. #litlead
  76. A5: During Poetry Month, doing a Poet-Tree with student creating poems as “leaves." #LitLead
  77. Talking to students. Connecting in person and online (easier for those who are introverted). #litlead
  78. @CELeadership I write along side my Ss and often write about questions, tiny moments of joy from class. #LitLead
  79. A5: Why Google Drive is a great tool. I can just ask Ss in real time, "Can I show that on the Smartboard?" No one's refused me yet! #litlead
  80. Build relationships. Share interests and experiences, talk to them, listen to them. Make sure they know they matter. #litlead
  81. LOVE! MT @oonziela: Why Google Drive is a great tool. I can just ask Ss in real time, "Can I show that?" No one's refused me yet! #litlead
  82. @ajr1206 Over the course of a month, we all watch the Poet-tree bloom from their writing—great 5 minute starter! #litlead
  83. @CELeadership Let the kids notice too! Don't be afraid to celebrate every single one #litlead
  84. Last year one of our teachers created a poetry wall with words on cards that could be manipulated. S's loved it - and so did T's! #litlead
  85. I'm chatting here and reading Slice of Life blogs that my students are writing this month. Learning so much about them! #litlead
  86. Smile at Ss and watch them light up as well; have Ss share their writing and reading with peers or with you #LitLead
  87. @HeinemannPub @CELeadership next week’s #engchat is focused around ways to approach poetry. Just saying :) #LitLead
  88. I think celebrating students' successes in class and other areas of their lives brings joy and energy to them and me! #litlead
  89. Q6 What kind of community practices uplift the members in it? Do you have any outreach examples that energize you and your Ss? #litLead
  90. @TchrAnnie Ss comment in Google drive for peer feedback. @stevepeha gave us easy strategy: Good?/could be better?/missing? #litlead
  91. @CELeadership I think robust school activities help Ss build smaller communities within larger one. Ss groups make a huge diff. #LitLead
  92. A6 In my previous district, we did a "Family Reads" night where parents & their kids discuss a book with a small group. Great exp. #litlead
  93. Yes, & you can see Ss writing process with #Google Drive too. (Revision history.) Magical! #Gafe #LitLead @oonziela @TchrAnnie @stevepeha
  94. Q6. Maybe we should ask, what should/could we do to develop community and/or outreach practices to energize us? Ideas? #litLead
  95. @thereadingzone I teach college students, and I learn more about them through their blogs than I ever would otherwise! #litlead
  96. A6 In Grand Rapids we have Art Prize . Gets people out and talking to one another. Schools bus kids.  http://www.artprize.org/  #litlead
  97. @CELeadership Empower Ss to lead/plan activities; we cannot do it alone. #LitLead
  98. @CELeadership A6: Want 2 try "book buddies" @SirKenRobinson describes- not w/ kindergarten, with 12th gr/ invite grandparents in. #litlead
  99. A6 @ my school we host "collegial dialogue"-- discussions about ed that are not tied to decisions that must be made. Just talk. #litLead
  100. @ShawnaCoppola Talking is great way to unwind, especially decisions don't have to be made on topic. #litlead
  101. getting all my students Twitter energized me. we use #bronke3rdhour and we just chat Eng all the time. its great #LitLead
  102. I recently heard the term "appreciative inquiry" - talking about what is working instead of what's not - LOVE it #litlead
  103. Many educators say morale is low in their buildings. Q7. What are ways your school admins try to reinvigorate and empower Ts? #litLead
  104. A6: To energize us? Build a Twitter PLN. Bring colleagues into the Twitter fold. :) #litlead
  105. A7: We have to help keep things positive. This job is getting harder and it's easy to focus on what works against us. #litlead
  106. @thereadingzone Twitter has energized me in so many ways! I'm constantly encouraging others to join in! #litLead
  107. A7: If the leaders don't keep chins up and keep a positive attitude during adversity, morale will decline. #litlead
  108. @CELeadership am lucky @chrislehmann ’s door is always open, & he shares decision making w/ his staff even when we may disagree. #LitLead
  109. A7 . Encouraging and supporting offsite PD during summer. Like CEL's Summer Institute July 17-19 at Elmhurst College #litlead
  110. A7-I think strong administrative teams value input and value teacher choice. We aren't all the same kind of instructor anymore. #litlead
  111. A7: They adjust admin style to teacher style. You know -- like we do all the time with our Ss! #litlead
  112. I try to spend majority of my time with energized, positive colleagues. I also visit kindergarten often. Works every time. :) #litLead
  113. A7: They promote teacher leadership - teachers lead PD and are encouraged to join inquiry groups for professional growth plan #LitLead
  114. this year...my admin...@jschwarzeteach keeps my morale up by dealing with my multiple daily phone calls for advice/questions #litlead
  115. Our supt showed faculty a clip about the Hoyt father and son. Truly inspiring story to share.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWnCt0D5gUg  #litlead
  116. @CELeadership also imp to think how care in school community is extended to Ts not just Ss. It goes both ways. #LitLead
  117. MT @TchrAnnie A7: They promote teacher leadership -Ts lead PD & encouraged to join inquiry groups 4 professional growth plan #litLead
  118. @meenoorami @CELeadership Very true. We've been talking a lot lately abt "practicing what we preach" (collab, communication, etc.) #LitLead
  119. I really want to do an #edcamp PD day w/ my dept. I think it would be energizing! @oonziela #litlead
  120. Q9 Give us your best tip to bring positive energy in the classroom. #litLead
  121. Love that unconference-style PD takes into account Ts voice, collaboration, and meaningful dialogue! @heatherrocco @oonziela #LitLead
  122. @heatherrocco should check out the #ECET2 model amazing elevating and celebrating teaching my BOY @barrykid1 is a NJ guy #LitLead
  123. Q9: have no fear...show who you are, show your strengths, who your fears...and be a PERSON...not a "teacher" #LitLead
  124. A9 - Physical Brain Game Exercises. Intentionally pay attention to individual students who need encouragement and give it. #litlead
  125. A9 Don't forget about the power of PLAY. And laughter. And what it's like to be a kid. #LitLead
  126. @CELeadership Be the energy you want to fill your room with, make adjustments and try to stay positive. #LitLead
  127. A9: I love the use of music. Energizes and makes the room feel good! Especially when I can honor student choice of music! #litlead
  128. A9. As an introvert, spend time by myself, being quiet and peaceful. Allows me to approach my day w/ more energy. #litlead
  129. A9 when kids make suggestions put them into practice immediately and put them in charge at times. #litlead
  130. Take risks and let students know you are out of your comfort zone - then they feel comfortable doing it, too! #LitLead
  131. A9: Do strengths-based instruction. When they surprise you, share it out. Post it, publish it. They inspire peers but need Ts #litlead
  132. Of course, I also love to open the roof of my Jeep and play music really loud. But it has been too cold for that recently. #litlead
  133. @heatherrocco I SO respect that. I value my "me" time, but really gather energy for other's energy! #litlead
  134. Be honest when you’re struggling, ask for feedback and implement appropriate adjustments. #LitLead
  135. Well, @meenoorami just wrote a book called Thrive: 5 Ways to (Re)Invigorate Your Teaching! So you can read that too! #litLead
  136. Providing relevant learning experiences for students fills the room with positive energy. They don't get that enough! #litlead
  137. And it's so good! MT @CELeadership Well, @meenoorami just wrote a book called Thrive: 5 Ways to (Re)Invigorate Your Teaching! #litlead
  138. MT @CELeadership Well, @meenoorami just wrote Thrive: 5 Ways to (Re)Invigorate Your Teaching! So you can read that too! #litlead
  139. A9: Poem Picker...Pick a Poem, read for fun. Laugh about it, wonder about it. Start class this way & it changes kids. #litlead
  140. @thereadingzone @meenoorami That feedback cycle is SO important. Gotta train Ss that it's not negative. The "good" f-word! :-) #litlead
  141. Thanks Meenoo, for helping on think about ways to not just survive, but also THRIVE as educators. #litlead
  142. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on #EdThrive please share them if you read the book, thanks. #LitLead
  143. @HeinemannPub @meenoorami AND it was so cool to tell my kids that I met her at #CEL14. It's cool that I "know" the author! #litlead
  144. Join organizations like @CELeadership. I am always reinvigorate whenever I spend time with my CEL colleagues! #litlead
  145. Already ordered THRIVE and am so glad it was released today! #LitLead
  146. Thanks to everyone who participated & thanks to tonight’s guest host @meenoorami. Good luck with your new book, Thrive! #edthrive #litLead
  147. @CELeadership has given me so much encouragement, confidence, and happiness. It's a huge reason I try to THRIVE. #litlead
  148. @CELeadership thank you so much for the invite to host, always energizing to spend an hour with you all! #LitLead
  149. We hope to post an archive later on our blog  http://nctecel.wordpress.com  and on our web page tomorrow! #litLead
  150. Glad all who retweeted recognized I meant to say helping "us". Glad you're not using red ink. :-) #litlead
  151. Submit your "Leading in a Collaborative World" session proposal by 4/1!  http://bit.ly/cel2014  #litLead
  152. Hope you join our chat on April 10 at 8:30 pm ET. Let's discuss poetry since it is poetry month! Mark your calendars! #litLead