Regional Conference: Transition to Accrual Accounting

January 30-31, 2018; Podgorica, Montenegro


  1. Regional Conference is financed by USAID Serbia,US Embassy of Montenegro and the International Development Cooperation of Slovenia, while Ministry of Finance of Serbia, Ministry of Finance of Montenegro and Ministry of Finance of Slovak Republic, and the Center of Excellence in Finance provide in-kind support.
  2. WE SUCCESSFULLY CONCLUDED the conference, energized for the next transition steps towards accrual accounting
  3. Local PACT Tutors present selected IPSAS aspects and discuss their implications in smaller groups
  4. Starting Day 2 with discussing Montenegro's and Serbia's reform efforts and strategic direction
  5. CONFERENCE DINNER - Networking with peers from the region and international partners...
    ...enjoying excellent local food, drinks and music; making new friends.
  6. Conclusion of Day 1 with a Panel Discussion on INTERNATIONAL REFORM EXPERIENCES

  7. Michael Zammit-Munro, MoF Malta, and Lucia Kašiarová, MoF Slovakia shared their countries' accrual accounting reform experience. Thank you!

    Good practice shared...

    >> Reform HelpDesk; link of accrual information to fiscal rules; public managers drivers of reform...

    MALTA >> management of resistance to change; embedding in wider accounting reform; development of one common IT platform...
  9. Thanks also to Boban Paunov and Marina Joveska Blažeska for sharing your experience as PACT graduates from Macedonia!
  10. Auditors' experience - On the Job Training for Internal Auditors in public sector of Montenegro
  11. Role of TRAINING and CAPACITY BUILDING in support of reforms, Kim Woods, CIPFA

    - Getting the buy in of the 'human being' in the reform is key to its success >> Think of what's in it for them!
    - Embed transition to accruals in other accounting reforms (e.g. establish Chart of Accounts as initial step)
    - Build HR capacity gradually
    - UK did a bit effort to ensure heads of finance / CFOs got trained/qualified first >> They are key members of leadership/change teams!
    - Ensure there is a small team to design training contents & objectives >> Too many cooks spoil the soup!
    - Diversify training offers (courses, tailored training, on-the-job training, continuous professional development…)
    - Managing accounting is a critical skill for decision making >> Managers (budget holders) need to understand power of accrual accounting!
    - When planning your reform, do not forget to budget for the training needed.
  12. Possible transition paths to accrual accounting, Sandro Fuchs, ZHAW

    To ensure successful transition to accrual accounting...

    - set clear objectives first, so you know what you are trying to fix and be able to monitor whether you succeed...
    - understand what are the implications for your institution; how it would have to change...
    - only then think how to manage the reform operationally (structure follows strategy, not vice versa)...
    - consider which approach to take, e.g. apply IPSAS directly or indirectly; centralize or decentralize your accounting function; whether to pilot, role out top-down, or adjust to available capacity...
    - engage reform champions and retain them (e.g. through developing organizational culture)...

    ...preparation is KEY.