CEF Internal Auditing Regional Program 2017

The Story of the CEF 2017 Learning Program for Internal Auditors


  1. 1. Internal Auditing for Non-auditors

  2. June 13-15, 2017

  3. This initiative focused on PIC in the public sector, and aimed to raise awareness of staff other than internal auditors on their role and responsibilities within the internal control system.
  4. Ice breaker was creative - participants and faculty presented themselves through pictures...
  5. ...we heard many creative descriptions of participants' job functions and how non-auditors regard internal auditors.
  6. "Internal auditor has to open many doors."
  7. Good Governance, PIC, Three lines of Defence, COSO model

  8. Joop Vrolijk during a presentation:
  9. Three lines of defence model is explained here.
  10. Risk management

  11. What is risk management?
  12. What are roles of different actors in risk management?
  13. Participants addressed this topic in a session led by Leo Stoffels and Erik van Barele both Central Audit Service of the Dutch Ministry of Finance:
  14. Enabling factors for effective internal auditing