CEF Internal Auditing Regional Program 2017

The Story of the CEF 2017 Learning Program for Internal Auditors


  1. 1. Strengthening the Management of Internal Audit Activity to Add Value

  2. April 10 - 12, 2017

  3. The overall objective of the learning event was to strengthen the capacity for effective management of the internal audit function in public sector organizations in SEE countries.
  4. Kaja Jurtela and Nihad Nakas from CEF welcoming participants:
  5. Majority of participants were coming from ministries of finance. After introductions, Tina Toman delivered a presentation on international standards pertaining to the managing of the IAF.
  6. Maturity models can be useful management tool. Paul Scholte on the importance of the model and how they are using it in the Netherlands.
  7. You can access the Ambition Model here. To get the model in the excel, you have to send an e-mail to the IIA Netherlands. You can find a contact on the web site:
  8. For the IAF, it is important to develop risk-based planning for aligning internal audit activity with the organization’s objectives and appropriate allocation of audit resources. Afternoon part of day 1 was devoted to this important topic.
  9. Key takeaways:
  10. -risk identification is subjective
  11. -risks are dynamic
  12. -risks are possibly infinite - remember to put them in context (objectives, risks, controls)
  13. -level of work on risk identification by IA depends on the attained maturity of the FMC system
  14. Proficiency and Due Professional Care

  15. According to standards, internal audit engagements must be performed with Proficiency and Due Professional Care. "Internal auditors should also have sufficient knowledge to assess the risk of IT and fraud."