Month of Tax Policy and Administration

May features our Tax Policy and Administration (TPA) learning program thematic area with activities shared on webpage and social media channels.


  1. Yellow Wall Corner TPA presentation includes features of the Netherlands, as to the support of Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands:
  2. How to shift from enforced to voluntary tax compliance?

  3. This was the discussion focus at learning initiative in Ljubljana, April 4-6: that brought together experts from tax administrations of South East Europe. We discussed trust as one of the basic attitudes of change, checked aims of enforcement strategy and addressed risk management. See infographics for daily reflections and social media posts compiled in a digital story:
  4. Impressions of Anamarija Radulovska from the Public Revenue Office of the Republic of Macedonia

  5. Our Dutch tax colleague, Bert van den Boorn, sharing his view on voluntary compliance - It is about the change of behavior. The equality of the government and the citizens, about the future, responsive enforcement, organization, segmentation
  6. Impressions from regional beneficiaries:

  7. [Voice from the Region]: Nedžad Haračić and Samira Tanović from Tax Administration of the Federation of BIH participated at the CEF workshop on Tackling Tax Evasion and Avoidance that was delivered under the Supporting Capacity Development of Tax Administrations in SEE. They shared a case from their practice that shows the connection between factors that influence enforced and co-operative tax compliance:
  8. [Voice from the Region]: Being a regional knowledge hub, part of the CEF's work relates also to showcasing the reform efforts of our member countries. At the learning initiative on modern approaches to tax compliance, colleagues from Bulgaria, Ms. Boryana Georgieva and Ms. Evgenia Cholakova, shared their their country's experience in implementing compliance risk management (CRM). This is their story:
  9. Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool also at the yellow wall corner:
  10. EC - Taxation and Customs union Fiscal Blueprints: A path to a robust, modern and efficient tax administration.
  11. Video learning nuggets:

  12. Norman Gillanders, was the IMF’s regional tax administration advisor for South East Europe between January 2011 and May 2014. He remains active in the region as a short-term expert working for the IMF and the World Bank and he continues to cooperate with the CEF. He describes in this video interview what factors need to be considered to effectively manage changes when reforming tax administrations and how did the Irish Revenue Service change perspective from enforced to voluntary tax compliance:
  13. Interview with Norman Gillanders, CEF Associate Fellow on Tax Policy and Administration
  14. Lisette van der Hel from Dutch Tax Administration explains how CRM differs from the traditional approaches to managing tax compliance and how it is applied in the Netherlands.
  15. Compliance Risk Management enables ensuring tax compliance
  16. Program and Partnership and Communications Team members jointly engaged in preparations of thematic area presentation at Black Pillar: