Managing Public Investments

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  1. This learning initiative is part of the ’’Strengthening Financial Management Functions of Line Ministries’’ project funded through the Strengthening Accountability and the Fiduciary Environment Trust Fund (SAFE). Project’s overall objective is to assist line ministries strengthen capacities for efficient delivery of their financial management functions.
  2. The CEF will have the honor to welcome 25 participants from 11 countries gathered together to exchange experience and views on managing public investments. The overall objective of this workshop is to examine the key stages of the public investment cycle and identify critical areas where the efficiency and effectiveness of public investments and public private partnerships could be improved.
  3. Day 1- September 13, 2017

  4. Officially, the Day 1 of the workshop has started. After the introduction of all participants, we have proceeded to the first session-Duncan Last, CEF Associate Fellow, explaining why sustainable Public Investment Management Systems are needed.
  5. Duncan Last: ‘’Coordination of public investments is essential. All projects should go through the same and clear process of identification, assessment, prioritization, approval and monitoring’’.

  6. Read more about the good practice in New Zealand on how to identify fiscal risks related to infrastructure projects, as essential early step in the investment management process.
  7. Take a look at how EU contributes to improvement of transport and energy connections in the WB - VIDEO
  8. Workshop Day 1 finished with the panel discussion on key challenges in managing public investments:
  9. · Insufficient coordination of public investments between different institutions and national levels;
    · Missing procedures for appraisal and prioritization of public investments;
    · Lack of adequate sector strategies;
    · Inconsistent financial planning and budgeting of public investments.
  10. Day 2- September 14, 2017

  11. Bojan Pogacar describing how investment projects should be presented in the budget document...
  12. ... as well as why budget preparation and investment cycles should be linked
  13. Throughout assessing the case studies of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro we got the overview of the PIM systems existing in the region

  14. ... and than we enriched our face-to-face learning with an online session to learn about Public Investment Management System in Chile