Building HR and Institutional Capacities to Deliver Public Sector Reforms

November 14 – 16, 2017


  1. This learning initiative is delivered as part of the Leadership for Managing Reforms and Tax Policy and Administration Learning Programs, primarily supported by the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands, Slovenia's Development Cooperation and the Ministry of Finance of Slovenia.
  2. Our learning initiative gathered together 35 officials from 20 countries to share the good practice and discuss how to implement changes in their institutions
  3. How to prepare the institutional changes in public sector organizations and how to develop adequate HR capacities to lead such changes?

  4. We concluded the three-day-workshop full of enthusiasm with a wish to organize more events on the leadership and HR topics
  5. Moving on to the discussions with Isolde Hampson from the Irish Revenue Commissioners on the training, recruitment, mentoring and other important HR aspects
  6. The Day 3 began with role play on negotiations between the senior management and the middle management trade unions

  7. We evaluated the day 2 and collected the key take-aways. The participants appreciated the group work, interactive exercises, useful presentations, practical advice from the peers and lecturers..
  8. We discussed with Lech Marcinkowski on the SIGMA/EC Principles on Public Service and Human Resource Management, merit, recruitment, fair remuneration, professional development
  9. Norman Gillanders, CEF Associate Fellow sharing the practical and important aspects to have in mind when reforming the tax administration
  10. Our participants may find useful reading Leading Change: Why transformation efforts fail?, by John P. Kotter, Harvard Business Review