Carrying out Effective Spending Reviews

Online course @ CEF Online Learning Campus #onlinelearning #lineministries


  1. This online course will be organized at the CEF's Online Learning Campus (visit: )
  2. It will consist of two learning units that will be delivered in the period between October 26 - November 13. We will gather finance officials from ministries of finance, line ministries and independent fiscal authorities of 10 European countries at this knowledge sharing experience!
  3. The online course was officially launched with the Kick-off webinar held on October 26. For the first time, 40 selected participants have gathered there to meet each other.
  4. At this webinar guest lecturers Riccardo Ercoli (SRSS) and Matej Kurjan (Slovak Ministry of Finance) presented their institutions' efforts in carrying out spending reviews.
  5. Matej Kurjan, Slovak MoF: 'Spending reviews move the focus of managing public finance to ensuring adequate performance of spent resources. Spending reviews are not the job of one unit, but of the entire government'

  6. The Kick-off webinar was finalized by the presentation of Danka Kovalova, Director of Analytical Center of the Slovak Ministry of Justice, who explained steps undertaken in introducing spending reviews tool for improving results of this line ministry.
  7. Learning Unit 1

  8. On October 30, participants have officially started with the first learning unit of this course. Its focus will be on:
  9. · Assessing the gaps in managing public finances that can be improved by introducing spending reviews,
    · Explaining the principles of spending reviews,
    · Identifying benefits this practice brings, and
    · Outlining its relevance and necessity for improvement of overall budgeting efforts.