Getting Connected at Cannexus17, January 23-25, Ottawa

@Cannexus is an annual bilingual conference for career development professionals across Canada and around the world. It's held in Ottawa each January and organized by the great team at @CERIC and a host of volunteers. This three-day conference is all about renewing and making lasting connections.


  1. @Suraitea and @EcoEquitable are two social enterprises that are making a difference in career development, specifically employing refugees and newcomers to Canada to give them the experience they need to succeed. Cannexus17 participants were able to stop by the Social Enterprise Career Marketplace. It didn't take long for CEDEC to invite these two SMEs to share their expertise with its network during our #SBSChat on February 22, 2017. The power of Cannexus at work!
  2. As a proud Cannexus Supporting Organization, @CEDEC_QC worked with CERIC to sponsor the Diversity Engagement Zone, which was expertly staffed by our partners from #FNHRDCQ, @SodexoCanada, @GlobalExcel, @CAF-FCA and @LaPasserelleMtl.
  3. Thanks to @VIA_Rail for sponsoring travel voucher prizes for Zone visitors. Merci à VIA Rail!
  4. Conference organizers acknowledged that the conference was being held on unceded Algonquin territory and introduced Algonquin Elder Annie Smith St-Georges who offered opening and closing blessings. #Reconciliation was a key part of the discussion at Cannexus once again.
  5. Keynote speakers Roberta Jamieson of @Indspire, UQAM's @LouisCournoyer and @MarkKielburger of #WeDay shared their insights with participants and inspired plenty of us!
  6. CEDEC connected with researchers and career counsellors and learned about inclusion - disclosure & disability, women in STEM with @Famarasinghe & @rdirnfeld1, how interview strategies help internationally-trained professionals, building bridges with Indigenous talent wiht @maher_trina, advancing women in non-traditional trades with @OAWANL, and tackling a multi-generational workplace through its Diversity Engagement Session stream.
  7. #Cannexus17 was so much more together with so many more participants this year...
  8. Tools, books and resources were launched, discussed and celebrated during Cannexus17, too. @changepaths Lisa Taylor's Retain and Gain: Career Management for SME's playbook, the Redirection Project by @_SuzanneCook and the @Ceric-sponsored Hope-Centred Career Interventions work.