National HIV/AIDS Strategy: Update to 2020

Launch of the updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy: Update to 2020 on July 30th and live streamed from Morehouse School of Medicine.


  1. On July 30, 2015, the White House released the National HIV/AIDS Strategy: Update to 2020. NHAS is a five year plan that details principles, priorities and actions to guide our collective national response to the HIV epidemic. The update incorporates more sophiscated and timely ways of monitoring and tracking the HIV progress over time. New indicators have been added to the strategy to help better inform programs and increase their impact on HIV. The updated stategy includes five goals: Reduce new HIV infections, Increase access to care and improve health outcomes for people living with HIV, Reduce HIV - related health disparities and health inequities, and Achieve a more coordinated National response to the epidemic. Below, CDC NPIN captured key points and takeways from speakers and panelists during the live stream of the launch held at Morehouse School of Medicine (Atlanta, Ga).