Just for the record...

You do not block and unfollow for the reasons you think. You block and unfollow for reasons dictated to you


  1. This may never get published. I have made it simply because, having watched her operate, I know that itsjustahobby is very good at manipulating facts to suit herself. I watched as she turned a mistake she made in misinterpreting a tweet into an attack on her based on the fact that she was a sex worker. She even later accepted that she had made a mistake, but nevertheless, this narrative remained in her head and was the one she spread around twitter to huge damage to others. She turned people who had had her in their home into hate figures based on lies and manipulation, which for some reason people believed. She is clearly an unhappy woman, but she is also a dangerous one, who seems to have no care for others and I don't trust her not to turn my and Stilli's standing up for truth against us. Hence creating this storify for the record so that people can see what actually happened and form their own conclusions.

    We start the day with three unfounded accusations of why someone was unfollowed...which resulted in remarkably similar response from all three women involved.

  2. Two:
  3. Three:
  4. Jem RTd this and followed it up with this:
  5. Misusing the term gaslighting is also not very nice. It's a vital term for people actually suffering abuse rather than dishing it out.
  6. So there we have it. All three were unfollowed first. I'm sure this was a mistake on Jem's part.
  7. But of course the fact that the order was wrong was irrelevant
  8. Neither was the fact that one had unfollowed a week ago...
  9. OK enough of that because the point about its unbearable childishness has been made and it's clear that it doesn't matter what Stilli says; the narrative has been set.
  10. So now we move on to unfounded accusations around blocking.