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  1. Today's topic (2/13): Should schools cancel holidays?

  2. My wife is a para-educator in the pre-school program in the Elk Grove School District and their policy ids that they do not celebrate the holidays, they let the parents decide what they want to celebrate and help them with whatever they want to do.
  3. Absolutely! Our schools should be dull dreary facilities where children are forced to endure facts and statistics with no outlet for pleasure and creativity.
  4. Well , Bah Humbug !!!! Kids should have fun and activities to look forward to at school ! Let them enjoy LIFE while they can before they grow up in a disappointing adult world
  5. A very creative teacher can use each holiday as a learning opportunity and a way to enrich the curriculum by building thematic units around each holiday. The kids have fun and continue to learn. It's silly to 'cancel' a holiday. Even the Grinch couldn't really cancel Christmas.
  6. Recess is next!!!! We no longer have christmas orEaster break... It's ( spring break and winter break) it makes me sad that we keep taking away and giving into this insanity....don't get me started on dress codes....
  7. No, kids look up to this. My daughter is been shopping for Valentines for her classmates and teacher and I know that it's fun for them because they get something in return afterwards! Any Holidays should NOT be cancel!
  8. if they start with valentines day then when will it end? What next schools will say you cant celebrate thanksgiving, easter, christmas, or anything else. But if it is a useless holiday that they have off then there will never be a question of if to celebrate.
  9. Its not a holiday its a hallmark day. Valentines day is targeted at couples not kids..
  10. no they shouldn't be able to cancel that for the kids he problem has the Valentine blues so the kids have to suffer lol
  11. Valentine's Day is for children. My daughter is in the 1st grade and will not be able to go to school for that day because she has a dental procedure. I sent her valentines with her today with a note asking her teacher to allow her to hand them out today. She didn't want to miss out. THIS IS FUN FOR THE KIDS.
  12. They should keep the fun 'holidays' It gives the kids a break from school work for a couple of hours and gives them something to look forward to. If they are going to eliminate and special days it should be Columbus Day. They used to make a big deal about it when I was in school. They do seem to downplay it now and present alternate veiwpoints. They should maybe make a bigger deal of Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Just a thought....
  13. I think that it is really sad for the school to be taking that away from the kids. My daughter is so excited for her Valentines party at school tomorrow. The kids need something to look forward to. I don't know any parent that is not okay with the party or the candy or cards. And if there is one then they can send a note with their child. Don't they want the kids to have some good positive memories about school? Just really sad to me..
  14. NO WAY!! If they think the "Romantic" part of Feb. 14th is too much for children they should change it to "Friendship Day" as is my son's Head Start Class, but taking that away completely is wrong, School used to be fun in my day!
  15. No, I don't think that they should cancel all of the Holidays. It gives them something to look forward to after all of their hard work. I have alot of good memories of the times our class had parties and celebrations!
  16. either cancel all of them or celebrate all of them - if it's a public school, they shouldn't be celebrating anything religious unless they celebrate all religions - Mardi
  17. My daughters school doesn't let the older kids celebrate valentines day. She is in 4th grade an it's the first yr she won't be aloud to hand out cards.
  18. Kids should be allowed to celebrate it's part of learning about which ever holiday it is
  19. No of corse they shouldnt ! Let them celebrate them all!!They. Are children let them have fun!Its harmless. This is just ridulous!
  20. Today's Topic (2/8/13): What star would you like to talk to?

  21. Martina McBride...I would love to meet her and have her sing at my Wedding.She sings a song that touches my heart that I feel is perfect to complet my Wedding Day on May 25th, 2013...She has the voice of an Angel...love her music.:)
  22. Tom Hardy from The Dark Knight Rises. OMG That guy is hot!
  23. Colin kaepernick, because some how he become my new sugar Papi!!!!
  24. #9am: I know she has passed, but Lucille Ball, best comedian ever!