#EcoFinanceChat: Thawing the Market for Commercial Energy Efficiency

by Shi, Yi (@ShiWrites)


  1. On July 20, Yale Center for Business and the Environment (@YaleCBEY) and GreenBiz (@GreenBiz) hosted our second #EcoFinanceChat. This interactive and engaging session centered around the question: "How can we thaw the market for commercial energy efficiency?"
  2. Kat Friedrich, news editor at @YaleCBEY, posed the questions. The inspiration for this chat came from an article that she wrote. Barbara Grady, senior writer at @GreenBiz, added to the conversation.
  3. The article covered a report, titled "Energy Efficiency Finance for Commercial Buildings: Insights from Lenders,", that was written by Leonard Kolstad (@LKolstad) from @IMT_speaks.
  4. This conversation revolved around the following stakeholders in the commercial market: owners, banks, appraisers and contractors. One roadblock is the lack of confidence in materializing energy savings. More outreach to building owners, more market evidence for premiums, and stronger synergies between stakeholders were proposed as solutions.
  5. Hike in Tyresta National Park
    Hike in Tyresta National Park
  6. We talked about ways to motivate commercial building owners and financial professionals to improve #energyefficiency.
  7. The issue was raised that banks are not doing enough lending for building owners given the low interest from the latter.
  8. Some solutions have been suggested.
  9. We are intrigued by the lack of interested commercial building owners despite IMT research showing the time is ripe.