COP22 Provides Hard Data on Clean-Energy Finance

Observing the COP22 Twitter stream revealed key data points on clean-energy finance that are not well known. The tweets below synthesize live information from a Clean Energy Finance Forum writer in Morocco and retweeted information that shows unusual news. (RTs are not endorsements.)


  1. Welcoming Ceremony at the opening of the High Level Segment
    Welcoming Ceremony at the opening of the High Level Segment
  2. Clean Energy Finance Forum (@CleanEnergyFC) is a project of Yale Center for Business and the Environment (@YaleCBEY).
  3. By Kat Friedrich (@katsciwriter) and Victoria Grieves
  4. How effectively is climate finance being directed toward developing nations? Not well enough, says the report below, produced by Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Heinrich Boll Stiftung. Programs appear to be working to ramp up their success.
  5. What is the value of transparency in successful climate finance? The blog post below shows a data analysis from Climate Policy Initiative (CPI). Without tracking, decision makers will not know if their targets have been met.
  6. How can nations in Africa create goals to meet Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) targets with renewable energy? The report below outlines a framework for this. The title, inspired by the Swahili word for lightning or electricity, also stands for a five-stage process: "Understand, Measure, Evolve, Modify, and Evaluate." The report was produced by International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).
  7. How can off-grid solar provide universal access to electricity? The IRENA publication below explores prospects for solar expansion in places where no electricity is available today.
  8. What has the international community accomplished since COP21? How have hopes fallen short? What do negotiators need to do at COP22? The article below, from The Conversation, was written by two researchers at Boston University.
  9. How far has the Green Climate Fund progressed since last year? The news article below announces a disbursement from the fund. However, the fund has much further to go.
  10. Energy Day, which took place on Nov. 11, was a high point of climate finance discussion at COP22. Sessions continued throughout the day with many stakeholders participating.