#ConsFinanceChat: A Market Development Framework for Conservation Finance

by Kat Friedrich (@katsciwriter)


  1. How do you create markets for environmental goods and services? Is it possible to speed their development? The chat below, hosted by Conservation Finance Network (CFN) (@ConsFinance) and Yale Center for Business and the Environment (@YaleCBEY) on May 11, yielded key insights on market development and discussed what it will take to have more private capital deployed in conservation projects.

    Leigh Whelpton (@LeighWhelpton) and Andrea Ferri (@amferri89), coauthors of the CFN report "Private Capital for Working Lands Conservation: A Market Development Framework," described crucial inflection points where practitioners can focus their efforts to enable market growth.

    Public and philanthropic funding can help to catalyze new programs and markets by reducing risk and supporting pilots. Once scalable and repeatable transactions occur, private funding can then play an expanded role. Certifications, easements and incentives can also help a deal to transact.

    Kat Friedrich (@katsciwriter), news editor at CBEY, posed the questions. Chat participants chimed in to share their experiences from the field and talk about best practices for structuring programs.