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Joel Plaskett's #scrappyhappiness: Track one, 'You're Mine'

On January 9, Joel Plaskett and CBC kicked off the "Rock 'N' Roll in Record Time" project, in which the singer/songwriter will be recording and releasing a song per week for the next 10 weeks to result in his latest album, Scrappy Happiness. Each week, we'll gather your reactions to the song here.


  1. Joel Plaskett with the Emergency
    Joel Plaskett with the Emergency
  2. The first track from the project debuted on CBC Radio 2's Drive and is available on demand below:
  3. Then, Joel invited fans into his home studio to demonstrate what recording a single in one week looks like:
  4. Joel Plasket - You're Mine
  5. Soon after the first song hit the air, the Twitter reviews came pouring in using the #scrappyhappiness hashtag.

    Here is a short selection: 
  6. Now it's your turn! Come back each Monday to check out a new song and then take to Twitter and let us know what you think about each new track as Joel releases them. Don't forget to use the #scrappyhappiness hashtag!