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What should the terms of the mayors' bet between Montreal and New York for the next round of the playoffs?


  1. Montreal makes poutine for the NY players if NY wins, if the Habs win though NY has to make hot dogs(not cheap ones!) for the Habs players!
  2. Pay for several cases of Canadian beer to accompany the HABS when they play the Kings
  3. Montreal gets to drop the New Year's Eve Ball and NYC gets the Cross on Mount Royal!
  4. Release a Montreal newspaper in New York, if the Habs win.
  5. Massive flag on the Statue of Liberty
  6. Other mayor should step down. That's a die hard fan
  7. We should start taking bets on how long the flag lasts up there! lol
  8. Losing mayor must wear winning teams jersey until the finals are over
  9. If NY loses, the Habs flag flies in Lady Liberty's hand. If Habs lose, NY flag flies atop the Big O!
  10. Losing team has to take phaneuf from the leafs.