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Has Blue Jays fever hit your part of the country?


  1. Growing up in Vancouver, Toronto has always been the last town that I would support ifan alternative existed no matter what sport. I have and always will be an Exposfan when it comes to baseball but have been following the Jays this seasonbecause of their prowess - even before the trades.

    At this point, I wish them least until the Expos return.

    Raja Gupta
    Summerland,British Columbia
  2. When I grew up in Vancouver (before the Canucks hockey team existed), it was a great baseball city - thanks mainly to Nat Bailey of the White Spot Restaurants. I movedto Toronto for 40 years and cheered the Blue Jays especially during their WorldSeries wins. I returned to the West Coast 10 years ago and found it wasCanucks crazy. Because we live off the grid, power is an issue so weprefer to follow the games on the radio (with the great Jerry Howarth). However, not all of the games are broadcast here so it can be very frustrating.

    Elva Kellington
    SaltSpring Island, British Columbia
  3. In 1992-1993 my 38 year old husband valiantly fought brain cancer. My three young children would climbup onto their dad's hospital bed and cheered the Jays on. He died before hecould see them win the World Series. Today my 3 and 6 year old grandsons climb uponto their mom and dad's laps and cheer on the Jays. Like my children at thetime, Blake and Bryce know the stats, player's names, their strengths. BlueJays have kept my family a baseball obsessed clan. Thanks Blue Jays.

    Diane Philbin
    North Bay,Ontario
  4. Only a minute to write to you. I am busy packing to drive to Toronto in the morning where my 75 year oldaunt, Mary Morrison, waits to cross a big dream off her bucket list. Tomorrow nightwe will see her beloved Blue Jays play live. It's a great gift her son anddaughter have given her to fly her from PEI for the game. Go Jays Go!

    Heather Morrison
  5. I've been a jays fan since their World Series. I try to get a a chance to do a trip from Vancouver toSeattle, just to see the Toronto Blue Jays. On most times I do route for theMariners, but when the jays come to town, I always route for the jays, becauseI'm proud to be a Canadian. Vancouver is also a farm team for the Toronto BlueJays. They're the single A league affiliate. Let's go Blue Jays!

    Kelly Reaburn
  6. Here's an odd fact you rarely hear mentioned (and something thatAmerican Baseball fans don't like to contemplate) - the Toronto Blue Jaysactually held the World Series Title 3 years runnning - and how many AmericanTeams have done that?. The Jays won in '92 and '93, and then there was thestrike starting in August '94 to April '95, and so no World Series that year ofin 1994 ..... So, in effect (since any Pro team holds the Title until it is 'taken' from them) the Blue-Jays were 'technically' the champs for 3 years straight.
    Take that U.S. of eh! (just kidding)

    British Columbia

  7. Since they traded Matt Stairs, the Blue Jays do not excite too much interes ttelevisions in eastern Canada. The new acquisitions on the team that play wellhave created some interest. For Canada's 150th birthday the American leagueshould let the Canadians set up another team in the league. This new team wouldbe located in western Canada but play some home games in Quebec and easternCanada. A rivalry between the Blue Jays and this new Canadian team withsome Canadian players on it would be one of the best rivalries in major sports.

    J Campbell
  8. I easily convinced my American CEO and CFO, for the Calgary natural gas company I work for, cheeringfor the Jays. It's fantastic! They live outside Philadelphia andare big baseball fans. They love seeing what the Jays have done this season. Go Jays go!

  9. Baseball is the slowest spectator sport. Most of the players sit on the bench or stand around doing nothing most of the time. People have to entertain themselves with statistics, food and drink to break the boredom.

    Roedy Green

  10. I follow football ( CFL) more than baseball but the one thing that would be nice is fora Canadian team to win the world series as a proud Canadian.

    Jason Turgeon
    ThunderBay, Ontario
  11. Working my long ER shift yesterday, I noted several patients glued to their phones under the stretchercovers during the game. One man even wanted to delay a diagnostic test whilethe inning finished! Blue Jay Fever connects us all and sure beats the flu!

    Cheryl Kizoff
    Barrie, Ontario
  12. I really like the jays on TV now that I've been a fan for a couple of weeks. You can simultaneouslywatch another complete program while watching the game without missing anything.

    Moffat, Ontario

  13. I'd liketo offer a slight correction to Jason Bermiller's comments about Kamloopsbaseball fans. The vast majority are Blue Jays fans, not Seattle Mariners fans.You see a lot of Blue Jays caps and jerseys here. When the Jays play Seattle,half the fans are cheering for the Jays.

    My wifeand I have been Jays fans since the 1980s. I sadly remember being present atExhibition Stadium for Game 7 of the ALCS in 1985, which the Jays lost, evenwith Dave Stieb on the mound. This is a truly exciting time to be a Jays fan.

    Bruce Baugh
    Kamloops,British Columbia
  14. I've been a Blue Jays fan since Day One and remember sitting in the snow on several early years opening days. I've lived in Australia since 1989 and baseball isn't a popular sporthere so I was thrilled when our free-to-air TV showed all the '93 World Seriesgames live!

    It was soexciting to return to Canada for Christmas that year and experience thecontinuing celebrations. I still prize my '92/'93 Back-to-Back Blue Jaysjacket! It takes me back to those days every time I wear it. Now I follow theJays by listening to the CBC online.

    Mallacoota Australia