Advocacy Leadership: David Farnes Joins CATA Team: Mobility First

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  1. David Farnes has joined the CATAAlliance Management Team as an Executive in Residence (EiR) to assist in advancing Canadian Telecom advocacy and business development in key areas of opportunity such a Mobility Health Care, Public Safety & Security and Mobility Communications generally.
  2. David Farnes Joins CATA Team to Advance Telecom Advocacy: Mobility First Perspectives
  3. Benefit from alerts, updates and peer network on our Broadband, Advanced Security & Interoperability Social Network; David Farnes and Kevin Wennekes, CATA's VP of Research are moderating. Kevin also sends out special private updates.
  4. As with all CATA initiatives, the context is the big picture of Canada's Competitive Innovation Nation. 
  5. Our call to action is for Industry Canada to seize the unique opportunity to incorporate Healthcare and other PRTSS into its revised policy on the allocation of dedicated spectrum in the 700 MHz band. 
  6. CATA National Advisory Council Member, Mike Kedar shares his views on Mobility Healthcare
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  9. Digital Leadership for the 21st Century: Namir Anani, CEO at ICTC
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