The Career Benefits of Becoming a Real Estate Agent

There are a tremendous number of benefits to working in real estate!


  1. Next to the healthcare industry, the real estate industry is one of the most stable industries in the United States. While we did see an unprecedented recession just a few years ago, the real estate industry is one of the most stable career paths a person can choose to purse nowadays.

    If you haven’t thought about pursuing a career in the real estate industry, then consider these potential career benefits of becoming areal estate agent:

    Be in control of your own salary
    Real estate agents predominately earn money based off of commissions, which means the more skilled you are, the more money you will make. If you know how to sell real estate, then you will make a considerable amount of money.

    At the end of the day, your skills and your ability to sellreal estate is what will make you money. It doesn’t matter whether your fellowagents can sell or what everyone else in your company is doing. You have completely control of your own salary, which is rarely offered by any otherprofession.

    Work in a growing industry
    The real estate industry is always growing and the need for new homes and buildings will always exist. Just this year, the real estate market is set to rise an additional 7-9%. As the population grows, so will the number of new home buyers.

    As a result, you’ll always have the ability to sell new properties and seek new opportunities to make money. As long as you can do your job properly, thenyou should never have a shortage of homebuyers and sellers looking to buy andsell their homes.

    Start earning more money… now
    Some industries require you to go through many years of school in order to make a career switch. If you take classes now, you can get your real estate license within a year, which means you can earn more money –now.

    The average real estate agent makes around $42,000, with the top 10% earning over $150,000 per year (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics). The opportunity to make a significant amount of money is very real and if you decide to do what is necessary to become a real estate agent, then you have the opportunity to earn a comfortable income from day one.

    Work on your own schedule
    Real estate agents have the privilege of setting their own hours, at least to an extent. While you might need to be in the office for at least a few hours a week, you can pretty much set your own hours so that you can best accommodate your clients.

    With that said, don’t just think you can only work a few hours a day. Real estate agents still work eight to ten hours a day, but they have the ability to space out when they’re on the job over the course of an entire day.

    Be your own boss
    If you work for a large real estate agency, then technically you will have a boss, but real estate agents still primarily act as their own bosses. We’ve already touched on how real estate agents can make their own hours, claim their own commissions, and rely only on their skills to make a living.

    Real estate agents pretty much act like their own boss,which is awfully appealing to people who do no longer wish to listen to a boss.

    In addition to all the career benefits we mentioned above, real estate agents also truly provide home buyers and home sellers with a service they really need. This is why becoming a real estate agent can be rewarding both financially and personally.