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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Nevada

Working in the Golden State? Work in the Silver State, too!


  1. Nevada is one of the hottest real estate locations in the country, much in part due to its’ thriving tourism and gambling industries. In fact, Las Vegas is the 6th largest travel destination in the country, which allows industry to thrive – thus causing property values to rise.

    Although the economic turmoil in 2009 and 2010 hit Nevada hard, its’ property values have started to creep back up. It’s now one of the best places to find a home and because of this becoming a real estate agent in Nevada is very lucrative.

    If you want to change your career or have always wanted to become a real estate agent in Nevada, now is a great time to get your real estate license. Generally speaking, getting your real estate license takes some tedious hours studying as well as some practical knowledge.

    If you’d like to become a real estate agent, here is how you can become a real estate agent in Nevada.

    Obtaining a Real Estate License in Nevada

    Nevada has some strict policies regarding real estate salespeople. To apply for a real estate license, applicants must prove they’ve completed 90 hours or 6 semester units of instruction from an accredited provider of the state of Nevada. Part of these instruction must include at least 18 hours of instruction on Nevada law and its’ administrative codes.

    Nevada requires applicants to complete this coursework as well:

    Real Estate Law
    (including 18-hours of Nevada real estate law, not waived by experience) 3 Semester Units
    Real Estate Principles 3 Semester Units
    Real Estate Appraisal 3 Semester Units
    Real Estate, Business, or Economics 15 Semester Units
    Broker Management Training
    (not waived by experience) 3 Semester Units
    Non specified units - can be in general studies from an accredited university or college. 37 Semester Units

    If you meet these requirements you can apply for your Nevada real estate license. After your application, you must pass the national and Nevada state exam within one year of application. If you’ve completed the national examination already in another state, you can show proof of completion and will not have to retake the exam.

    Preparing for the Nevada Real Estate Exam

    The Nevada Real Estate Exam is incredibly difficult and it will test every part of your knowledge on real estate law and practices. Preparing for the exam is vital for your success. If you do not adequately prepare, then you have almost no shot at passing the real estate exam. Therefore, preparing is necessary.

    You can prepare in two ways:

    On your own – If studying for hours is your cup of tea, then by all means go for it. There are plenty of manuals and guides you can utilize to learn real estate law and regulations in Nevada. The Nevada Real Estate Division provides several resources including textbook recommendations to prepare for the exam.

    If you prefer learning and studying on your own, then option A is definitely in your best interests. But what if you don’t like this way? If this sounds like you, then option B is definitely in your best interests. Option B is:

    Taking a prep course: There are several prep courses available that will prepare you for Nevada real estate laws, principles, procedures, laws, and ethics. All of these subjects are covered in the exam and are necessary to become a real estate agent in Nevada.

    You have two ways to take a prep course. Either you go to a physical location and sit through hours of weekly classes or you can choose to take an online Nevada real estate prep course.

    Online Real Estate Prep Courses

    Most hopeful real estate agents prefer to take the online Nevada real estate prep courses. There are many advantages to taking a prep course online, which include:

    100% Online Coursework – Online real estate prep courses are completely online and require no in-class participation. This means you do not need to buy any expensive textbooks or waste time going to a classroom.

    Work as you please – While you still have to complete the required coursework as mandated by the state of Nevada, online prep courses allow you to work as you please – for the most part at least. Instead of having to go to a classroom miles away, you can work on your computer as you go, learning the skills and gaining the knowledge you need to pass the real estate exam.

    User Friendly – If you sign up for a physical class, you may find the instructor’s lecturing and coursework to be confusing and difficult. Online prep courses are very user-friendly and they often contain interactive exercises and detailed graphics designed to give you needed information in the simplest possible manner so it is easy to understand.

    Multiple Prep Exams – Most online prep courses give students multiple preparatory exams, which contain similar questions to those on the final real estate exam. These exams are certain to help you prepare for the exam and will help you understand exactly what the questions will be like before you take the challenging final exam.

    Taking the Nevada Real Estate Exam

    Once you feel you are ready to complete the real estate exam and have met the requirements, it is time to actually take the test. You can either take the test online or in person, depending on your personal preference.

    The test itself is 60 minutes long for the Nevada state exam and 120 minutes for the national state exam. There is an examination fee of $100 and a $100 fee if you need to retake the test.

    After your test, you will be granted your Nevada real estate license within a few weeks and if you pass, congratulations – you’re a Nevada real estate agent.

    Becoming a real estate agent is as simple as the steps mentioned above. Nevada real estate continues to be one of the fastest growing and most competitive states to practice real estate sales in the country. Real estate continues to thrive and those who follow the steps above can fast track themselves into a rewarding, prosperous career.
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