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Inspiring Moments from the Food & Fitness Youth Gathering in Boston #FFY12

7/31/12 -CANFIT hosted the Nat'l Food & Fitness Youth Gathering on Thompson Island in Boston. Young folks who are transforming their communities met to share their experiences & strategize how together they can improve our country's food system & built environment. Thanks W.K. Kellogg Foundation!


  1. Pedro from the Northeast Iowa Food & Fitness Initiative thinking deep on a reflection session to build community together. Wanna hear what the youth were doing and saying throughout the gathering? Check out Pedro's thoughts and other youth during the conference captured on the wiki below!
  2. Boston hosts Derrikka & Holden holdin' it down @ #ffy12 welcoming
    Boston hosts Derrikka & Holden holdin' it down @ #ffy12 welcoming
  3. Weaving in connections to help remind us how important our work together really is. Youth and adults dedicate this gathering to someone that has fueled their passion to make change and inspired their work in the community.
  4. Mapping the movements of history (civil rights, women's movement, etc) with the youth drawing in their work within the Food and Fitness Initiative! Next step mentioned - Can this group lead the food movement forward?
  5. Movement Timeline Activity - Food and Fitness Gathering in Boston 2012
  6. From Civil Rights to the Youth Food Bill of Rights, youth learn that "you can't get to your destination, until you learn where you came from" -Jose Rizal
  7. #NativeAmerican & #EnvironmentalJustice movements launch #ffy12 #socialmovements @liverealnoworg
    #NativeAmerican & #EnvironmentalJustice movements launch #ffy12 #socialmovements @liverealnoworg
  8. HOPE Collaborative Youth Aaliyah and Nazshoniii from Oakland, CA working with I-SEEED to break down knowledge of their neighborhood and help others grasp "eco-apartheid". In order to make change, we have to stretch using all the 4 C's!