Community Conversation on Asian American Media, Present/Future Summit 2012

On March 11th 2012, at the 30th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, participants ranging from YouTube stars to acclaimed academic voices discussed the future of media and the Asian American Media landscape.


  1. Present/Future Summit at SFIAAFF30: Introduction
  2. Executive Director of CAAM, Stephen Gong welcomes the Present/Future Summit audience and is followed by Karin Chien, an independent film producer, and Founder/President of dGenerate films who introduces the origins of the summit and how she started organizing it!
  3. Participants engaged on Twitter, while we displayed a live twitter wall on the screen. The official hashtag: #pfsummit
  4. Meta tweet! (photo of tweets integrated into event) #pfsummit #sfiaaff30
    Meta tweet! (photo of tweets integrated into event) #pfsummit #sfiaaff30
  5. Gary Chou, from Union Square Ventures, kicks things off to explain the transition of old hierarchies to modern-day networks.
  6. Present/Future Summit at SFIAAFF30: Gary Chou
  7. Wendy Levy, strategist from Tomorrow Partners, follows up by stressing the importance of storytelling and finding your audience before networks.
  8. Present/Future Summit at SFIAAFF30: Wendy Levy
  9. Wendy Levy from BAVC talking about #cowbird
    Wendy Levy from BAVC talking about #cowbird
  10. Here is there Q&A with the audience!
  11. Present/Future Summit at SFIAAFF30: Gary Chou and Wendy Levy Conversation
  12. YouTube stars Wong Fu Productions, talks about their rise and challenges through YouTube and global online fame
  13. Wong Fu Productions - Present/Future Summit at SFIAAFF30
  14. Present/Future Summit. #sfaaiff #wongfu #pfsummit
    Present/Future Summit. #sfaaiff #wongfu #pfsummit
  15. Anna Serrano (CFC Media Lab) follows Wong Fu, to discuss engagement storytelling and another level of the conservation - what are the ethical guidelines and rules around engagement?