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Wales' extreme winter weather

A round-up of related news and stories that came out of this winter's extraordinary weather.


  1. The end of 2013 saw the commencement of a prolonged series of storms and bad weather. Most of the inland flooding was centered on England - the Severn, the Thames and the Somerset Levels. In Wales coastal settlements were hit hard.
  2. Almost as if it had been planned, C3W's December public lecture by Mark Macklin focussed on flooding
  3. Then, at the start of the New Year, a series of warnings from Natural Resources Wales and the Met Office
  4. Coastal towns were inundated.
  5. Professor John Grattan brought some historical context to the events
  6. Meanwhile students in Aberystwyth University's sea-front residential accommodation filmed the innundation.
  7. And the Daily Mash joked that "Wales is not there anymore."
  8. Post-storm the council and community confronted the damage
  9. The media maintained their interest in the damage and pictures, but also began to look for explanations and potential causes
  10. .... expert opinion was also sought by politicians
  11. And commentators drew attention to the fact that the causes of flooding cannot simply be attributed to natural variability within the climate system.