MassTLC Mastering Product Innovation Summit

250+ techies gathered @msnewengland on 10/9/14 to learn and discuss how the intersection between product, engineering and UX drives product innovation.


  1. Blade Kotelly @bladek, MIT lecturer and Chief Designer @rapid7, kicked-off the day with a presentation on Cracking the Code on Innovation.
  2. @bladek referenced many leading insights on building a culture for innovation, being creative and design driven innovation. Many of the links and content are retweeted below.
  3. Blade welcomed to the stage three speakers that are helping to drive product innovation at their companies including Sam Clemens, Co-Founder InsightSquared, Matt Kaplan, Sr. VP of Products at LogMeIn and Craig Wisneski, Director of Product Management at Sonos.
  4. Onto the breakout session! 1) The Shift to User-Centered Design and 2) Creating a Blueprint for innovation. Who knew we were going to build paper towers and airplanes!