Will the Supremes topple the last barricades on same-sex marriage?

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear two landmark gay marriage cases this week. How have Americans' views on the topic evolved in recent years? Have your say in today's Big Talk.

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  1. The Supreme Court will take up a challenge to California's controversial Prop 8. Here's a summary of that law:
  2. Also up for oral argumens: The federal Defense of Marriage Act. Here's a summary of that law.
  3. From ABC News, here's an explanation of how President Barack Obama's views on the topic have evolved. It's a path that many Americans have followed.
  4. Writing in The Washington Post, columnist Jonathan Capehart says he's been uncomfortable with the tone of the coverage surrounding the issue.
  5. Here's a round-up from The Wall Street Journal
  6. And the usual assortment of Twitter chatter:
  7. Now it's your turn: Have your say in the comments.