Has Washington waited too long on gun control?

With the memory of the Sandy Hook shooting receding from the public consciousness, have lawmakers missed the window to pass meaningful gun control legislation? Have your say in The Big Talk.

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  1. Here's the place-setter from Politico, an inside-Washington publication.
  2. MSNBC has a contrarian take ... Things haven't slowed down at all.
  3. And one more bottom-line piece from the International Business Times, citing new polling data.
  4. It will take 60 votes to pass any legislation in the Senate. The chamber's conservatives are already lining up to oppose such an effort.
  5. U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., explains his change of heart on gun control.
  6. As if you needed a reminder that this debate enflames emotions, here's a piece on the urban/rural divide on the issue.
  7. Can deep-pocketed NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg beat the NRA at its own game?
  8. CBS-2 in NYC has its own take on Bloomberg's entry to the gun-control debate.
  9. Some video from ABC-7 in San Francisco.
  10. Comedian Jim Carrey has put up a new video at viral site Funny or Die.
  11. And a bit of Twitter chatter.