Can Washington pass meaningful gun controls?

Despite Republican resistance, President Barack Obama is still pressing for reforms to federal gun laws. Three months after Sandy Hook, is there the political will on Capitol Hill to do it? Have your say in today's Big Talk.


  1. Here's the place-setter from CBS News.
  2. NPR on the lessons that Colorado's new gun laws hold for the administration.
  3. The L.A. Times' Doyle McManus on the massive influence of the NRA.
  4. The New York Times on the push for universal background checks.
  5. Here's something you may not know: The 2nd most powerful gun lobbying group in the country is based in Newtown, Conn.
  6. Here's one more take from Salon.
  7. And the usual smattering of Twitter chatter.
  8. Now it's your turn. Have your say in the comments.