#michED 10/15/14 "Effective PD for Ed"

  1. Good eveninng #miched! Welcome to tonight's chat. Our topic is "Changing the Face of PD for Educators"
  2. Time to get our #michED chat on!! Todd Checking in from Warren, MI excited to talk about PD and where it might be going!!
  3. Hello to all! I hope you are all having a great year so far! #miched
  4. Always excited to network with other teachers and talk about PD #miched
  5. Hello! Instructional Coach from Adrian. PD is my middle name. #miched
  6. Hi #MichEd. Tonight is a topic I am very passionate about and looking forward! Kaitlin from the oh so beautiful Metro Detroit.
  7. #miched Heather teaching in Grand Rapids Public. Resource K-3 Hello All!
  8. Hello, #michED! Rob here, representing Tri County High School in Howard City. I'm hoping to see some new faces joining the chat tonight!
  9. Good evening #miched ! Matt from Grand Rapids checking in 5th gr, and proud to represent Forest Hills PS.
  10. Hey #michED, I'm popping in and out tonight; @JGer1 is going to try a solo @michEDlive, so go easy on him! #allgrownup
  11. Ben from Swart Creek, working on lessonplanning so I will in and out... #miched
  12. Good evening, #miched. Kit checking in from Sarnia, ON. Would like rename PD to Grow and Connect.
  13. Saying hello #miched Just got back from the last vball game of the season! Need to head home. Have a great chat - I'll catch the archive!
  14. Kids cooperated! Joe sitting in St. Joe ready for #MichED working at #BRESA
  15. Rachelle from the East side. Live in St. Clair, work with the great educators at #1PHASD. #MichED #PD
  16. Q1: What makes you want to attend certain PD? #miched
  17. @kithard Grow and Connect or Engage and explore would be great new names for PD which is so mundane #miched
  18. A1: Collaboration, engagement, hands on sessions…I don’t want a sit and get, because I never really “get”. #miched
  19. A1: THE PEOPLE love hearing from passionate educators and how they teach #miched
  20. A1 I enjoy PD with new ideas (and tricks) that I can take right back to my classroom #miched
  21. A1: I look for PD that's more practical, less theory. #miched
  22. #miched A1 For sure if the topic is interesting to me I will want to attend. SO.... all technology :-)
  23. A1: the presenter, a good one can make even the least interesting topic refreshing and positive #MichEd
  24. A1: PD for me needs to be something that can be relevant for my Ss and myself. Being hands on is very helpful :) #MichEd
  25. A1: THE CONTENT: Authentic conversations about teaching and learning are what I go for! #miched
  26. A1 Part 2: Ed tech conferences are doing the best at making people think, move, engage, play, create, collaborate, and network. #miched
  27. A1 I like attending PD if I know there will be people there that share as I like to do. #miched
  28. @athorp A1 - I get more excited about new things, topics that I don't know that much about #miched
  29. A1 opportunities offered that can be a platform for educations development #miched
  30. A1: also PD that allows for time to collaborate with colleagues. #miched
  31. @RAnderson_Math Hey Rusty. Thanks for joining us this evening and sharing your PD perspective with the #MichED community
  32. A1: Value - What will it do for my students in my classroom? #miched
  33. @blocht574 Like many things the words Professional Development can become burdened by a poor history. Time for a refresh/rethink #miched
  34. A1: Sessions led by colleagues/peers, ones where I can practice and be a tactile learner, and those that are useful to our craft. #miched
  35. Erin Mastin from Boyne. The style of the PD is a factor for me. #MichEd
  36. I am interested in PD that helps me grow as an educator and makes me think. Hearing from inspiring educators makes it even better! #miched
  37. A1: the chance to think about new questions and learn from others #miched
  38. A1: Meaningful connections and building up my own practice #MichED
  39. A1: At first it was just the euphoria of *being around* other passionate educators. Now, it's more about *connecting* with them. #michEd
  40. These are all such great reasons ~ let's go on to explore how we can make this happen! #miched
  41. A1 - want to attend PD when I think it will assist me in developing professionally - want it to be real, like when I get some choice #MichED
  42. A1: I love learning that doesn't feel like learning, you know when you loose track of time and are so engaged #miched
  43. @kithard sounds like Google needs to work on some goggles. Just love the sound of that: Google Goggles! #miched
  44. @RMWynkoop @bushjms Totally. I'm hoping he's wiping the sweat from his forehead with a bright orange #michED shirt.
  45. Q2: Describe how you get your PD; The follow with which is your favorite method? #miched
  46. A1: When it is chosen by me, not for me. Also- presenter and topic are influential. But the former rules. Always. #miched
  47. This week's Voices of #michED video features @HeidiGascon!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGxxTiVFJCI  We're all part of a changing edu landscape in this state!
  48. A1 I like to have choice! What is great for me might not be for others. Is there a way to reach all levels as we try to do with Ss? #miched
  49. @RMWynkoop @talkEDtv ha. Orange shirt is for conferences. Green and white shirt is for workouts #miched
  50. A2: Get PD, ON DEMAND: When and where I need it! Twitter is my favorite way, #miched
  51. @blocht574 You know it's great PD when you find yourself wanting to learn even more #miched
  52. Genise, Administrator in Birmingham, AL. Hello everyone! #miched
  53. My favorite way to get PD is to interact with others in the know. Whether in the same room, or not! I need to learn with and from! #miched
  54. A2: I am lucky, in my position I get to chose my PD. But then I am responsible for making it happen in the school. #miched
  55. A2: Sad districts feel they have to provide sit and get PD, When many of us go and engage it all on our own! #miched
  56. Oops, a bit late. Anna from Australia here. Hi everyone. #miched
  57. A2: Twitter / Social Media. Books. Book talks. Speakers. Every day occurrences in my classroom w/ Ss. The latter being my favorite. #MichEd
  58. A2 I'm a student in a MOOC, which is really cool. Besides that, Twitter, edcamps, MACUL #miched
  59. @talkEDtv agreed, I started with listening, gained comfort, more interacting, now actively seeking connections #MichEd
  60. A2: Formally- through the ISD. Best, Twitter PLN! #miched
  61. A2. Most is district provided/ mandated but this year@EdCampBluewater counts yea #michED
  62. A1 - I like to leave PD with something I can use back at my school that week. #MichED
  63. @mbck @bushjms Come to the #MiGoogle Conference Meet-Up in Brighton on Nov. 7 at Brewery Becker 7-9! #miched
  64. Twitter is a great PD great conversations and connections #miched
  65. @athorp A2 - Twitter has totally changed what professional development means to me. #miched
  66. A2: Most PD is done at school, but the PD I want to do is done via Twitter and conferences and #MichEd
  67. A2: PD should be what we see we need in our classrooms! Can find it anywhere #miched
  68. A2 i get my pd mostly conferences webinars and a few books #miched
  69. Was it @techsavvyed who said that he enjoyed MACUL this year not for speakers but for the opportunity to collaborate? Totally agree. #miched
  70. @RickBlais1 This is fabulous to hear! You've already answered Q6! ;) #miched
  71. A2 I like to work hands-on surrounded by colleagues I can bounce ideas off of #MichEd - Lots of great ideas from Twitter this year #MichEd
  72. A2: Mostly through Twitter and Blogs - nothing beat face-to-face. #miched
  73. A2 - New role for me this year working at #BRESA choosing more of my PD, lots of ownership, lucky to have freedome #MichEd
  74. I learn most from having time to work with other educators around a topic of interest. #miched
  75. A2: Twitter/Social Media, masters courses via @MSUCollegeofEd, Ed Camps, and workshops with colleagues. I can't pick a favorite ;) #miched
  76. @RMWynkoop practice is good- I like when I get to create something for class (or at least get a start) #miched
  77. A2: Small F2F meet up are they BEST!! The real conversations about teaching are where it is at #miched
  78. A2: PD in different ways. When I search out my own PD, I'm more invested and engaged & ready to share #MichEd
  79. A2: I locate my own PD, but also provide lots of opportunities for my staff. They can come to me with suggestions. #miched
  80. @talkEDtv "Connecting" is a great way ~ it can happen on so many levels in so many styles. #miched We don't have to be in the same room!
  81. A2: I get most of my PD from reading blogs and tweets! Being a connected educator is the best PD out there! #MichEd
  82. A2: More and more I seek less formal settings - conversations, meetups, edcamps, rallies. Harder to weave into the PD I facilitate #miched
  83. So often we forget that learning comes from self. Not others. Our personal experiences shape the message, as well as, our response. #MichEd
  84. @RMWynkoop @cmu18 @MrsMcMHS Next week might be rough . . . but our Tweet-up is destined to happen at some point #miched
  85. A2 part II: workshops with colleagues could be better though. Still stuck in that boring PD rut sometimes. Blech. #miched
  86. @heathergauck @voxer Awesome! I see @voxer as a great tool to take Twitter chats even further. They can be so much more personal. #MichEd
  87. A2 I love Twitter and @EdCamps for great PD by Ts and for Ts #miched
  88. I like any PD with an open agenda and chances to talk and learn from others #miched
  89. #miched For anyone who does not know @voxer. I connect with teachers Nation wide. Like Twitter but audio messages, listen when convenient
  90. School use CALL, part of Educator Effectiveness systems to assess leadership and formative feedback.  http://ow.ly/COfIi  #miched #ncadmin
  91. A2: My fav PD is one where I can see lesson/strategy in action! Nothing better than modeling followed by a reflective conversation. #MichEd
  92. PD where they don't worry about SEAT TIME is the best..... #miched
  93. Late but here! Nicole from Coldwater Schools! Hi everybody! #miched
  94. We have started doing more session based PD which has really been a success. Choice= Happy Teachers #MichEd
  95. Q3: We talk about “individualized” learning for our students, in what ways should that be translated to individualized PD? #miched
  96. A2 - I like PD where you can brainstorm and 'experiment' on Ss in same day - #miched
  97. #miched Could even make a #Miched Voxer group unless there is already one out there
  98. PD is happening all the time. Personal learning influences professional learning. *Things* we forget. #MichEd
  99. Great PD should be data driven to fit a specific need. #miched
  100. @lindseycboyle and what I have needed from PD or growth has changed as my sense of self has evolved. Part of my master's thesis :) #miched
  101. @heathergauck @voxer I love Voxer, but I need to get more into it. I go in spurts. #Miched
  102. A2: I just had my staff come to me and ask about iPad PD. As a principal, it is up to me to listen to their needs and implement. #miched
  103. A2 Working hard at simply being present in all of my settings. #miched
  104. Q3: Follow ~ how do we make that personalized learning for educators happen? & make it count towards cert? #miched
  105. A3 powerful connection with all the strategies we use for students why does that disappear for PD #miched
  106. A3: PD like EdCamp or Genius Hour would be awesome. So tired of sitting through lectures. #miched
  107. A2: Yes. But only some will have the drive to seek it. I think many still want to sit and get and not be bothered. #miched
  108. +1 MT @kithard A2: More & more I seek less formal settings convos, meetups, edcamps, rallies Harder 2 weave into the PD I facilitate #miched
  109. @ReidGenise Welcome Genise! The mitten loves when our PLN extends beyond the borders. Talking PD this evening. #miched
  110. A3: Have leaders that count Edcamps and Twitter chats as District Provided PD #miched
  111. A2 Once upon a time one had to travel: Now my fingers do the walking. You Tube, Teacher Channel, Webinars, Twitter, Blogs.MOOC.#miched
  112. @heathergauck That would be awesome! A premium member has to set it up right...to allow more people on it? #Miched
  113. A3 a set of instructions to get going opportunity to explore possibilities then a sandbox w questions to ask and grow upon #miched
  114. A3: Those of us who have attended edCamps would love to see our districts try it but I think there can be a lot of fear from admins. #MichEd
  115. I seek out a variety of quality opportunities to challenge my thinking. Workshops, conversations, presentations, video, social media #miched
  116. A3: Have districts endorse Twitter Chats and Edcamps bringing their expertise to the table at these events (SO already do) #miched
  117. @athorp A3 - Learning towards certification is less important to me now than learning what I need to grow personally #miched
  118. A3 opportunities for break out sessions with experts and follow up conversations with our very talented colleagues! #miched
  119. A3: Individualized PD helps to address specific needs. Ts can decide what is best for them in their practice to meet student needs. #miched
  120. Can't resist the opportunity to tout our #edcampbluewater 11/1 in Marysville. Great #miched PD for Free
  121. A3 With #edcamp format Ts can choose what they feel is helpful to learn and share #miched
  122. #miched A3 Wouldn't it be awesome if Admins did flipped Staff meetings and then when we met we actually got collaboration done?
  123. A3: Make sure we focus on reflection & lessons learned .... what we take away from PD is where the growth comes from... #miched
  124. Q2 & Q3 distinguish "professional development" from "professional learning" - does this distinction matter? if so, why? #michED
  125. @talkEDtv - Would love to attempt an EdCamp in my district. Just trying to get over the fear of setting up the first one. #MichEd
  126. @ekdahljames Great philosophy, yet for some, recert is still their reality. #miched
  127. A3: With the crunch on subs and costs for PD Edcamps, Twitter etc should be valid District PD: better and cost effective #miched
  128. A3: Professionalized Professional Development Plans (PPDP)! Make a plan and earn credit toward a certification. #miched
  129. #miched how did we get to Q3 already. I didn't see Q1?
  130. A3: I think we have to advocate and prove to our policy makers that this is just as effective, if not more, than traditional PD. #MichEd
  131. Q3: make PD more teacher driven- with different options (differentiate for the needs) #miched
  132. A3: different modes for different preferences: screencasts, step-by-step written instructions, or face to face hands on. #miched
  133. A3: EDCAMPS! Schools need to model PD after them (and Twitter) so much more! #miched
  134. Save the directions and initiatives for emails, flip videos, or small group meetings. Make staff PD about ownership of learning #miched
  135. A3: individualized PD should include honest goal setting with opportunity for follow up, accountability #MichEd
  136. A3 I am working on teacher PD this year. project based learning flipped PD and Edcamps are all on my mind #miched
  137. Ts led sessions leads to great conversations and collaboration. We are just like our Ss, we want to be interested in our learning! #miched
  138. Changing Landscape of Professional Learning in #michED  http://www.21innovate.com/blog/the-changing-landscape-of-professional-learning  article & podcast captures snapshot of many things mentioned
  139. @athorp I think that PD is going to become more individualized and certification along with that at some point #miched
  140. @AnnSmart17 Very true! Just got that feedback from a very active PD I held. One person still wanted S&G. #miched
  141. A3: I am trying to coordinate book studies. Ts can make it their own, have great conversation, and get credit. Win win in my book. #MichEd
  142. @heathergauck Great idea. Will do this. Have PD for Ts next week. Thanks. #miched
  143. A3: Listen to staff needs and make their upskilling a part of their personal/professional goal setting/appraisal. #miched
  144. A1: Personal interest and what I feel I need to learn to improve my teaching. #miched
  145. A3. Ts need to have choices for how they best learn just like our Ss. Offering a variety of options is key. #miched
  146. A3: Have Ts create a personal statement (think: PSA) about how their chosen PD "Path" has affected their performance in the Clrm. #MichEd
  147. A3 when PD is not individualized for staff, I would like to see visits to other schools to learn from peers and share. #miched
  148. Many times districts overlook in-house staff/experts as great PD trainers! #miched
  149. A2 I use Twitter, Discovery Ed, iBooks. Twitter is the main one lately..#miched
  150. Lots of personalized PD opportunities during break-out sessions. #miched
  151. A3: Instead of checking boxes in KALPA or sending transcripts to the State. #MichEd
  152. @dothinkeducate it also important to check in to see how implementation of PD is going, how it can be supported. #miched
  153. A3- Giving teachers TIME to explore and apply. But making it count? ...seat time? :( #miched
  154. Andrew, Full Time Instructor, Michigan Virtual School #miched
  155. @julieallthat Are you getting teacher input on the planning? I'd love to hear how it goes. #miched
  156. @blocht574 funny that Ss can take courses online for credit, but Ts might not be given credit for their online learning! #notfunny #miched
  157. @RAnderson_Math my mom is doing this @MLive where she works. Loves it and the interaction with colleagues. Great idea to use for PD. #miched
  158. @talkEDtv @voxer #Miched I can get any question answered almost immediately and get inspired daily!
  159. A2: Is development really different to learning? Don't we have to learn to develop? #miched
  160. @lindseycboyle It seems like we spend a lot of time "proving" that we are learning, instead of focusing on the learning! #miched
  161. I KNOW my district struggles to come up with meaningful PD. Often we get 'filler'. Missed opportunities, for sure. #miched
  162. @JGer1 You're slouching; sit up straight like when Simba became king. Hakuna Matata, baby cub! #michED
  163. @jrommel Yes, sad actually! Chats and edcamps we can measure engagement but PD we can't #miched
  164. #miched A3 Principals could even create @voxer groups for teachers to extend PD topics beyond meeting times
  165. So fitting that #Miched is talking about PD tonight. Follow @EdcampLansing for updates on an awesome PD event! #teamJXN #swcrkPLN
  166. Are they any EdCamps coming up in the northern lower peninsula or da UP ehh? #MichEd #Yooper
  167. @teacherA5 @blocht574 Often lecture or S&G leads to checking email, Twitter, FB, etc. So not engaged on any level. #miched
  168. PD example: We meet to rewrite report cards, our grade level changes are never looked at/implemented. There was no end plan. #miched
  169. A3 - IMO it is important Ts are able to set goals and after honest effort NOT reach them, it's about growth not low hanging fruit #miched
  170. Agree w/ @KathrynJCurry and believe districts need to "raise capacity" by investing in their own innovators & ruckus-makers. #miched
  171. For Ex: A x-country road-trip you took w/your family (@DavidTheune ). Or, joining a @CrossFit box. Or, a speaker you heard, Or, etc #MichEd
  172. @shoemap this is huge! just because we are all grown up doesn't mean we all learn the same way. #miched
  173. @athorp @teacherA5 SO true we shouldn't measure seat time for PD but engaged time and what happens NEXT!!! in the classroom #miched
  174. These are the *things* that make us better teachers. Not-- sitting at a conference, or a book-study on Gradual Release. Just saying. #MichEd
  175. @MrsMcMHS @lindseycboyle Teachers seem to hesitate trying something new (twitter) because of everything they already have to do #miched
  176. Looking forward to a full year of PD on fixed vs growth mindset. NOT. #miched
  177. Quote of the day: "when I voted you I told you I wanted you to be like @techsavvyed" #techdirectorchat #MAEDS50 #miched
  178. We need to move from measuring how long we are in PD to measuring what we long from PD. #miched
  179. @EdCampBluewater and I think there will be some #michED shirt giveaways at EdcampBluewater too
  180. @mbck actually yes, very different - great read distinguishing "development" from authentic learning  http://rer.sagepub.com/content/79/2/702.short  #michED
  181. I also think it's important that older and mentor teachers give novices passion about PD and what it can offer. Not just a req. #miched
  182. A3 learn by doing and seeing. Needs to be real and what is happening today! Not old stuff. #miched
  183. Q4: Who should design your PD plans? [why/why not?] #miched
  184. Agreed! @ekdahljames: It seems like we spend a lot of time "proving" that we are learning, instead of focusing on the learning! #miched
  185. .@onetoughnerd just delivered his latest #Road2Recovery in a Public High School, didn't layout his 2nd Term Edu Plan. WHERE IS IT? #MichEd
  186. A4: Ts should design our own PD plans. We know what we need most! #miched
  187. A4: If we want Ts to own the learning (and we make the assumption that Ts are professionals) then Ts should design their own PD #miched
  188. A4: Ts should have a hand in the PD plan. Teachers have a good idea about what is relevant to other teachers. #MichEd
  189. A4: I like PD that allows for a little pre designed & free flow. #MichEd
  190. In reality, Ps have little impact on change as they are middlemen. PD is an area they can control. Can have pos/neg implications. #miched
  191. #miched One more plug for Voxer. It is my DAILY dose of inspiration and pats on the back from teachers Nation wide. #Satchat @voxer group
  192. A4: I think the design of PD could be more collaborative. Set up a Padlet, let everyone contribute, start the conversation early #miched
  193. A4 The building Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) should develop PD. #miched
  194. A4: I feel Ts never get the opportunity to sit down as a large(r) group to talk about what type of PD we need. #miched
  195. A4:Both Ts and Admins should collaborate to determine PD plans. Helps if Admins observe Ts and discuss strengths and opportunities. #miched
  196. #miched Interesting convo tonite re: ur PL. I evolved into a full time PL provider and can't imagine providing anything but what you want?
  197. @RMWynkoop @athorp I see our future having more freedom to demonstrate our learning in many different ways #miched
  198. A4. Small teams of teachers should set their own goals for learning. #miched
  199. @karsten4thmle Redesigning PD is one of my goals this year. So far, so good. It's been fun, & a learning experience. #miched
  200. A4: An involved admin. should rotate and delegate teachers to plan/develop. Shared responsibility among ALL staff. #miched
  201. A4: I'd really like to know what my colleagues want out of PD. #miched
  202. A4: PD should be designed by teacher leaders that are willing to try new things, reflect, and share! #MichEd
  203. A4: no one can dispute that teachers know best. Asking them to design their own PD might be a lot; many teachers are overwhelmed. #miched
  204. A4: the ones in the trenches (teachers) should plan PD #miched
  205. @athorp We have done more Ts led sessions which have led to some great learning! #miched
  206. A4: Should be a conversation between Teacher and admin to create a plan! #miched
  207. Last year's PD: Marzano. This year's PD: a book study. Zzzzz. Clock watching. #miched
  208. In a perfect world Ts have Ss best interests at heart and would drive all academic /PD decision within a school! #miched
  209. @blocht574 @athorp @teacherA5 seat time doesn't equal learning or perfect attendance would fix all S issues! #MichEd
  210. #miched A4 For sure the staff who are teaching in your school. We all know what we need for our own PD. Each school is unique...
  211. I have no problem w/ admin developing PD, as long as there is voice from every level of the institution (especially teachers) #miched
  212. A4 PD can also be focused from a need evidenced through admin. walkthroughs and observations. #miched
  213. @talkEDtv Ah ha! Here's the issue right here. Dictated by an outdated system of 'proof' of your toosh in a chair! How do we change? #miched
  214. A4: PD should be designed collaboratively by school PLCs and leadership teams. That way you have multiple perspectives. #miched
  215. @blocht574 It surely should. More collaboration regarding needs for enhancement. #miched
  216. A4 any1 who's a stakeholder in pgrm implementation we r a small district have mny hats involvd as long asdirection flows w outcome #miched
  217. A4: PD plan needs to be the coherent piece that makes all of the initiatives come together in a meaningful, classroom applicable way #MichEd
  218. @remiholden Nice article. Based on my initial reaction, I rather learn and apply than be developed. #miched
  219. @heathergauck It is $9.99 a month for businesses and $2.99 a month for regular people with discounts for year subscriptions. #miched
  220. A4: I just want to be able to say "I need help with this" and actually get what I need. #miched
  221. PD is drip process not a flood. Follow it up with more info & teacher sharing their successes. No one time floods of more demands. #miched
  222. Edcamp style is a great start. Talking with others immediately differentiates, you help and learn. #miched
  223. Q4 responses not really questioning teacher professional learning beyond classroom walls - parents, community leaders, electeds? #michED
  224. @karsten4thmle @athorp Yes, Teachers are the ones in the trenches with the actual day to day experience. #miched
  225. @mbck right, that's one major point of the article - teacher learning is not mechanical, decontextualized, atomistic #michED
  226. A4 depends on Ts - new Ts need help with PD to suit them, veteran Ts know what they need and can build their own PD #miched
  227. @jrommel I agree, a team approach is needed. But maybe have Ts present the information it might b received better #miched
  228. Districts and buildings should create a culture of learning where all staff members thinking and learning are valued. #miched
  229. @remiholden great prompt. Needs to be ongoing among all stakeholders. This could be a whole other #miched chat!
  230. @LizWillobee I love @robertjmarzano - he absolutely should be in PD, but too often it starts & ends w/ only him - marzanolotry #miched
  231. A4: It should be a collaborative effort, staff input, along with school need and known skilling. It is important for all to have say #miched
  232. Sustainable learning. Access to experts, explore, experiment, apply! This is my PD philosophy. #miched
  233. @mollyfunk Keep number of initiatives low (focus) in order to have sustained, high quality PD. #miched
  234. A4: I think teachers also need to be honest with their needs and tackle things that are more challenging. #miched
  235. A4: Teachers can have a huge say in PD by taking an active role in SIP. Amazing how funds can be used for PD if in the SIP. #MichEd
  236. A4: I allow my staff significant input, as they are at the 'coal face' and know. But there is also the school strategic plan focus. #miched
  237. @julieallthat True. Must move from introduction to implementation to institutionalization. Takes focus and sustained PD. #miched
  238. @8rinaldi I agree. Veterans need to assist the novices as they begin PD. And recognize needs will be both different and the same. #miched
  239. @remiholden Just like student learning. It needs to be fluid and relate to a real world context. #miched
  240. I get the "drip" but also think we need to give teachers time to find a FLOW! @mollyfunk @julieallthat Sabbatical every 5 years? #miched
  241. @teambond Fearful. Must have the great growth mindset. OK for students, but some Ts struggle with the concept. #miched
  242. Narrow your PD initiatives and focus areas, too many are ineffective and difficult to sustain. #miched
  243. Heck, as long as PD doesn't turn into a day of data analysis, I'm thrilled. #michED
  244. @teacherA5 @teambond Building a culture of trust in a school is not easy and takes a lot of time and thoughtful planning #miched
  245. @RAnderson_Math agree/PD sometimes is implemented by the overall need of the school at particular time #miched
  246. 3rd grade teacher in Hingham, MA... just checking on this great #miched chat.
  247. What's this drip I have heard about a few times? Please say more. #miched
  248. @blocht574 @JGer1 Spending time with the kids before working the next few nights on a unique, fun project. 🎬 #michED
  249. @mbck @remiholden I agree. There needs to be context and reason for PD, not just because... #miched
  250. A4: Let teachers design their own PD plans in collab. w/ admins. Seen this in place a few times w/ great results. So professional. #miched
  251. @teacherA5 I think that is what holds us back. No one wants to admit that they need help or are weaker in an area of ed. #miched
  252. Isn't the term officially PL now? New language, same song and dance. :) #miched
  253. @lindseycboyle I like this idea given the time to do it well. If it's just another thing to do... *insert witty comment here* #miched
  254. @lindseycboyle Imagine what would happen to our schools if PD was tailored to each teacher. #rippleeffects #miched
  255. @talkEDtv I'm sorry to think this comment comes from actual experience. #miched
  256. @McNulty927 This is what we do here. Works well, as there is specific focus and accountability from all parties. #MichEd
  257. @abusch38 Yeah, maybe there was a wee bit of venting going on there. #mybad #miched
  258. Once you attend an educamp, it's all over. Traditional PD just doesn't cut it, anymore. #miched
  259. @abusch38 Hence, the personal statement (PSA), as well. Accountability. Personalization. & PR. : ) #MichEd
  260. @MarkHess98 I’m on for #MichEd, so I will jump in…Hello #TTLN. Jennifer Bond here from Glengary! I’m excited that you are trying this!
  261. A4 Use PD focus groups to allow teams of Ts to learn about and apply a topic with colleagues. Have them present at faculty mtg. #miched
  262. A4 Use PD focus groups to allow teams of Ts to learn about and apply a topic with colleagues. Have them present at faculty mtg. #miched
  263. Q5: What role does/should technology play in PD? #miched
  264. @talkEDtv I am excited when PD does not include reading printed off slides of a Powerpoint presentation #miched
  265. We preach that one model of instruction does not fit all learners. So why do we use one model of PD for all educators? #miched
  266. @teambond Certainly the school environment needs to be one that's a safe place for people to ask for help. #miched
  267. @teambond tell my #miched peeps hello...in two chats 2 nite while watching Walking Dead #eghads
  268. A5: Our Ps is using Google Classroom to send out information pre-PD, good use of tech. #MichEd
  269. Our last PD was on how to write up a SIP. What did you guys do during your last PD? Curious. #miched
  270. @kithard @blocht574 we were allowed to choose from a list of PD one day years ago, it was great but hasn't happened again #miched
  271. A5: Tech should be a part of PD when it makes sense, not just for the sake of using it... #MichEd
  272. @LizWillobee After a yr of PD where the admin berated staff, I cried at my second EdCamp. Quality PD is essential for teaching. #MichED
  273. @dothinkeducate Awesome. I did it when I was teaching in Delaware and loved it. Slowly moving that way here in MA. #miched
  274. A5: I'm thinking 50-slide PowerPoint presentations, images projected on a screen 50 feet away, and poor audio. #youknowitistrue #michEd
  275. A5: Technology use only if it's better and more efficient because of it. #miched
  276. A5. Tech always has a role. Collaboration, sharing, more depending on the topic. #miched
  277. A5: What not to do: here's 100 Google docs to wade through in the 1st 2 weeks of school. #miched
  278. A5: Technology should be embedded. Should not replace instruction, but enhance it. Need tech PD if not creative to have more tools. #miched
  279. @McNulty927 And guess what?! We get bored disgruntled Ts -- just like we get bored disgruntled Ss. #MichEd ; )
  280. A5: giving Ts opps to use technology to learn, experiment, and grow. Give Ts ideas to bring back to their classrooms. #Miched
  281. A5: As a tech teacher, I think it must be integral. We’re teaching kids that are going to have jobs that we can’t even imagine yet. #miched
  282. A5: Tech is tough. So many options with Ts in so many diff places. I like PD to SHOW how to incorporate into daily instruction. #MichEd
  283. @McNulty927 I have tried to encourage my staff to Perdue a combination of PD that both interests them and helps their teaching. #miched
  284. A5: Seriously, tech doesn't need to be a part of good PD but it's great to demo something useful Ts can use in their classrooms. #miched
  285. A5 Tech is huge part of PD for me. Changed the way I teach and how I look at learning in general #miched
  286. A5 Tech can play a multitude of roles...just ensure it is purposeful. Tech for learning, not just for the sake of tech. #miched
  287. A5 Tech can play a multitude of roles...just ensure it is purposeful. Tech for learning, not just for the sake of tech. #miched
  288. A5: Tech always us to be more efficient (1 google doc link can replace a host of emails) and more connected ... to do more w/ less #miched
  289. A5: With so many devices in classrooms and 1:1 programs, technology integration PD for admin. and teachers is much needed! #miched
  290. @KaitPopielarz Your tweet makes me appreciate my 2x/mo PD listening to a 'specialist' drone on re topic holding no meaning for me. #miched
  291. That being said, how can educators not be fluent with tech? We can’t afford not to be. #miched
  292. @RAnderson_Math Technology is still intimidating for many teachers. We have to meet them where they are. #miched
  293. A5: Discovering how tech. can mix with content and teaching style. Help Ts see how it can make their life easier/improve S learning. #miched
  294. A5: During f2f tech can help make materials accessible and use as formative assessment. Tech facilitates pre- and post f2f lrning #miched
  295. Said well! @teacherA5: A5: Technology use only if it's better and more efficient because of it. #miched
  296. A5: Ts must engage in tech exploration. Tech PD is great, but must practice in classroom. #miched
  297. @athorp @KaitPopielarz Sure! But admin would have to know what 'the educamp' actually is. "Those kids are smoking the marijuana'.#miched
  298. @LizWillobee TechFest with multiple districts. Hands-on tech use all day. Seeing folks implement new learning this week. #miched
  299. @KathrynJCurry #miched So true! I think that is why tech fails in the classroom sometimes... no teacher PD on how to integrate in clsrm
  300. Worries me that Ts are told "must use tech in class" rather than "teach this the best way for Ss" and tech might be part of that. #miched
  301. Ironic that I am enjoying #miched while watching my Bruins (hopefully) beat the Red Wings. =)
  302. A5: Tech for connection / collaboration is best. Imagine if we allowed Ps to watch StaffMs & PD via Google Hangout? #Accountability #MichEd
  303. @ekdahljames @RAnderson_Math I wonder if we've hit the point where teachers have to start getting over those fears? #michED
  304. A5 demo tech that will save time and streamline tasks so Ts have more opportunities one to one with Ss. #miched
  305. A5: Technology should only play a PD role in context, not just for technology's sake. Needs to be meaningful. #miched
  306. A5: tech is a great way to engage learners and motivate them to incorporate some tech in their own presentations #miched
  307. @kithard Definitely. Many opportunities to use tech for exciting and fun formative assessments. #miched
  308. @teacherA5 Tech is part of world today -important to empower Ss to use what will be their future- no longer an option for Ts #miched
  309. Should students be part of PD leadership and planning? Just wondering...[bonus question]. #miched
  310. @talkEDtv @RAnderson_Math If you tell someone to "get over it" they will stop listening to you and start grading papers #miched
  311. Many teachers are tech proficient, but some struggle with how to infuse tech as a tool into their lesson design/delivery. #miched
  312. A5: ...that said, PD with technology is always fun (except data analysis) #miched
  313. A5: Tech can make a wealth of PD resources more accessible to educators, while bringing that tech to Ss can also be a PD goal. #miched
  314. @KathrynJCurry Sometimes Gdocs fill up with more information than can handle in one sitting then we're supposed to sift through it #MichEd
  315. @RAnderson_Math I think you have to be patient with great educators who are just not great at using technology #miched
  316. A5: Tech should be used for personalization of PD, just as we should be doing for Ss. #miched
  317. @LizWillobee Feedback was great. Partner with others to deliver high quality PD. Allows Ts to build PLN in person. #miched
  318. A6 My colleague @Rs1stgrade is changing PD using iTunesU courses for "on demand" PD. #miched
  319. @athorp Maybe the push needs to be for how our buildings can continue our conversations outside of school hours and off campus. #michED
  320. Q6: Do any of you get credit/hours for self directed learning, e.g. #Miched, EdCamps, etc.? Other than satisfaction.
  321. A6 He creates courses for our staff to use on their own time, at their own pace. #miched
  322. @8rinaldi Yes, but Admin needs to frame directives so it's used for good, not just used to get a check on eval form. #miched
  323. #miched A6 I got hours last year for our "personal hours" that we needed to accumulate. I had 12 hours of EdCamps
  324. @blocht574 what do you do when the PD offered to you doesn't fit your needs? #miched hard to keep a good attitude/interest at times
  325. A6: No credit, but that's absolutely OK. The experience is worth the Saturday afternoon. #miched
  326. A6: I wish! We only get credit for formal PD from district or ISD. #miched
  327. A6: if we attend "off hours" PD on our own and show documentation we can opt out of 2 district provided PD 1/2 days #miched
  328. @teacherA5 Yes, tech is becoming a product to buy (profits) rather than a tool on the learning journey. #miched
  329. A6: Yes. After the self-directed PD give a formative assessment. #miched
  330. A6: (previous job) edcamps - yes but have to explain what they are to awed admin. Twitter, course work, personal development - no. #miched
  331. I think getting SCECH for #MichED would be fairly simple... just have to have someone be the sponsor for them and be the 'monitor'...
  332. A6: We can submit personal PD hours for admin approval. #miched
  333. @teacher Good point- I’m in private school so no eval on tech use - it is expected from everyone however as part of our philosophy #miched
  334. A6: There are places to find PD online that you can get credit for. It is one of many ways but not for everyone. #miched
  335. Q6: Yes, our school designed a credit system for self directed learning, but with evidence (sharing/collaborating). Works well. #miched
  336. A6 To my knowledge, we do not, but I'll be having a conversation about it with our admins. So much more relevant and personalized! #miched
  337. @dothinkeducate Great method for ensuring interest and for meeting individual needs. #miched
  338. Is it bad that I'm now to the point of sitting through 1 hour of bad PD than spending the 4 hours to help make it better? #miched #smallkids
  339. @8rinaldi I am tech coach so run into some Ts just going through motions. Want tech use to be meaningful! #miched
  340. Q7: What are strategies 2 implement to ensure positive, reflective, collaborate PD that shifts tchg & lrng to student achievement? #miched
  341. @RAnderson_Math @ronhoutman The monitoring is the difficult part yes? What if you had a physical get together for #MichED @RMWynkoop
  342. @ReidGenise Yes, still has some hiccups (those who don't want to do any), but seems to fit. #miched
  343. If you are in the Metro Detroit area, come see us and help support our students next weekend!  #miched #moms http://t.co/gKh9utDUIY
    If you are in the Metro Detroit area, come see us and help support our students next weekend! #miched #moms pic.twitter.com/gKh9utDUIY
  344. @teacherA5 yes understand - needs lots of modeling, advice and understanding #miched
  345. A7 must offer support as Ts take chances and try new things #miched
  346. A7 We have offered summer PD over the past three years in an effort to support our staff