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Square Enix: Games. Games Never Change.

Square Enix reveals the concept of Nier 2, troll us during a gameplay trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, and may have a Japanese video game on shelves one day. Deus Ex looks neat?


  1. For the last time this week, we're playing E3 bingo with the following scorecard. Five in a row wins E3. You can follow us along or play at home.
  2. What do we see first? Final Fantasy? Deus Ex? A Dog? Nope.
  3. Just Cause 3 - Gameplay Reveal Trailer
  4. Square Enix moved on to yawn about a new game they have in the works and we'll find more about in the Fall. It has a surprising amount of talent on it.
  5. Could it be? Did we do it? Is it Erghiez 2? #GodBlessTheRing
  6. That's somehow even better! Also, it's basically an Einhander reboot in terms of quality and how much people actually care, so square.