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E3 2015: Nintendo Save Us

Nintendo talks Super Mario Maker, baffles us with Shin Megami Tensei Fire Emblem, and then unleash their true forms before our very eyes.


  1. Before we dive into the Nintendo conference, Daniel Rosen is at the helm with the following bingo card. You can play along at home, or follow us on our mystical journey through the last big conference of E3.
  2. And now the conference.
  3. Nintendo Digital Event @ E3 2015
  4. Found Reggie's true self. Square.
  5. Nintendo Introduces Star Fox as Puppets
  6. FURRIES. Daniel's E3 free word association is real! On the bright side, looks like we'll be getting a new Star Fox from Nintendo. That's Square.
  7. Star Fox Zero Gameplay - E3 2015 Nintendo Direct
  8. That's Square.
  9. Reggie then took the stage to talk about their new home Mario level creator, Super Mario Maker, but quickly shifted to Nintendo toys appearing in Activision's Skylanders. Considering Destiny and Call of Duty at Sony, and the Microsoft partnerships, this might be Activision's year.