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E3 2015: Microsoft Goes Japan

Microsoft proves that you do in fact shoot people Fallout 4. We see two games from Japanese designers. All of our indie-dreams are cup-themed.


  1. Through the next few press conferences we're going to play a game of E3 Bingo. You can follow along at home, or we can have all the fun.
  2. The press conference kicks off with a visit from the Master Chief in Halo 5.
  3. Halo 5 Gameplay at E3 2015
  4. Master Chief is trying to save a friend while running away from his masters. That's basically college. Square. We also saw a new series from Microsoft called Recore, made by the people who brought you Metroid Prime.
  5. ReCore Trailer at E3 2015 - New Xbox Exclusive ReCore Trailer at E3 2015
  6. Phil Spencer came on stage and then revealed 100s of games new to the Xbox One. These are all 360 games. Hope you didn't throw out your library.
  7. Todd Howard makes his second appearance of the press conference circuit to remind us that Fallout 4 isn't just every popular game series mixed into one, it's also a shooter.
  8. Microsoft heard you liked driving by the way, so it decided to make cars that descend from the ceiling into your video game. You can kiss that car. You can love that car. Forza 6 looks like it will be coming soon.