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First Flight of the Flying Bison

Bucknell is hungry, gets a food truck.


  1. Maybe it was all the talk about 'The Hunger Games.' Maybe Bucknell students just like to eat delicious food cooked on four wheels. Who knows? But excitement was at a fever pitch when the rumors were confirmed: Bucknell was getting a food truck.
  2. It's officially classified as a mobile culinary vehicle. But we call it The Flying Bison. 
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  4. We knew when and where it would arrive to serve its first customer. What we didn't know was what it looked like. The anticipation — and possibly hunger for food truck deliciousness — was killing us.
  5. At last, we spotted it. Bright yellow. Iconic images of campus. And ... of course ... Bucky riding shotgun.
  6. President Bravman placed the first order.