Hiking guide for Peloponnese


  1. Hikers who want to plow the paths of Peloponnese will gain a new friend, who can guide them step by step on their adventure. This is the «Hiking in Pelponnese Region», a new application for hikers which is free. This is a digital guide for hikers who cover the entire Peloponnese. This application is part of topoGuide application range and can guide hikers in Arcadia, Argolis, Corinth, Laconia and Messinia. Seventeen trails Peloponnese presented in the application, which provides information on the natural and cultural riches that would meet the traveler, but also information on accommodation. The application starts with an introduction to the geography of each region, with the description of landscapes and nature trails and 17, and the application contains a very detailed map that describes the route with POIs and rich photographic material. The hiker can visit the interactive map and in each section and obtain all relevant information on the paths, such as signaling, the length of the path, time, slope, vegetation. Furthermore, the application includes a virtual walker, who "runs" in the current path length and provide information and show photos to the user. During walking, the application recognizes the closest to the user paths, and provides information and alerts for each intersection and for each significant location. For each point of interest (Point of Interest) presents texts and photos on the map, if the hiker 'gone astray', the application indicates the most direct route to return to the correct path. The company that created the AnaDigit, is a pioneer in its field and has participated in the design and development of the most popular virtual applications for hiking.