The Global Cities Initiative’s Week in São Paulo

Strengthening Linkages Between US & Brazilian Cities and Metros

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  1. During the last week of November, the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program brought together a delegation of more than 40 metropolitan leaders and experts in São Paulo, Brazil for the inaugural global convening of the Global Cities Initiative (GCI), a joint project of the Brookings Institution and JPMorgan Chase. 

  2. Monday, November 26

  3. On Monday, the delegation arrived in São Paulo. Alan Berube posted his first of a series of blog posts during the week, setting the stage for the trip and covering the Metropolitan Policy Program's new Metro Trade paper: 
  4. Tuesday, November 27

  5. After a day of travel, the delegation received a welcome from GCI co-chairs Bruce Katz and former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and heard a series of presentations, including an overview of recent economic trends in Brazil and São Paulo from Aod Cunha from JPMorgan Chase. 
  6. In his second post of the week, Alan Berube explored Sao Paulo's efforts to maintain its edge in the global economy.
  7. Wednesday, November 28

  8. For cities to compete globally they must learn from one another on shared challenges around urbanization, governance, and metropolitan growth. In that spirit, leaders from an array of U.S. cities and regions participated in a day of workshops during which they imparted their experiences in metropolitan development and economic growth strategies that might hold lessons for the city and state of São Paulo.
  9. Wednesday's workshops were opened with a presentation from Edson Aparecido, the state of São Paulo's Secretariat of Metropolitan Development: 
  10. It also featured conversation between JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon and the Brookings Metro Program's co-director Amy Liu about his firm's interest and investment in global cities.
  11. In one workshop, Marcos Campagnone of the state of São Paulo, Domingos Pires of the city of São Paulo, Michael Sacks of World Business Chicago, Brad Whitehead from Northeast Ohio's Fund for Our Economic Future, and Brookings' Amy Liu shared strategies for growing metropolitan economies, followed by a group discussion.