Movie That Will Make You Think

Movie That Will Make You Think

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  1. Some of the movies on solarmovie in the Hollywood have this ending that will make you think what will happen next. Unknowingly, you are becoming smarter as you think what will be the appropriate ending for some of this film with a hanging ending. It will awaken your imagination to create a scenario that you think should be the best ending for this cinematic films. If you are excited to know what are some of this film that will make you think, they here they are:
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  3. Interstellar

    If you are fond of hidden mysteries within the space, then you should not miss this. This one was produced by Christopher Nolan, one of the best producer and director in Hollywood. The story is set in a time where Earth is becoming uninhabitable due to global crop blight and a calamity known as Dust Bowl. The only way for the human race to survive is through exploration of another planet across the space that would be suitable for mankind.

  4. The story revolves around Cooper (former NASA pilot and engineer)who was convinced by physicist Professor Brand to pilot a mission of determining which among the three planet candidates will be suitable to live in. Prior to his assignment, a “ghost” in Murph’s (Cooper’s daughter) give them a coordinate that leads to the secret NASA base where Professor Brand resides.This movie will keep you thinking of the vast possibilities in the universe such as how time works, what is beyond the black hole, if we are really alone in the universe, and what will the future look like.
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  6. The Butterfly Effect

    Being a mature person means facing the consequences of every decision that we make. But what will you do if you are given an ability to change your decision in the past that you think will the best for the future that you wanted? Will you do it or not? What will you do if going back to past leads to a disastrous event in the future?
    This is some of the questions that only college student Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher) will be able to answer as you watch this film. He has the ability to travel in the past and change some situations. Not only his future but also that of his friend was affected every time he goes back into the past. Are you ready to travel with Evan back and forth into the past and the future?