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The British Monarchy and Christmas

From the Christmas traditions made popular by Queen Victoria, to today's annual 'Queen's Speech', the Royal Family have many links to the festive season.


  1. The Christmas Broadcast
    Each year at 15:00GMT on Christmas Day, The Queen's Broadcast to the Commonwealth (popularly known as 'The Queen's Speech') is broadcast.
  2. The Christmas Broadcast, 1957
  3. A transcript of every Christmas Broadcast ever made by The Queen can be found on The British Monarchy's website:
  4. The Royal Family and Sandringham
    Each year, The Queen and other members of the Royal Family spend the Christmas period at Sandringham House in Norfolk, a tradition begun by The Queen's grandfather, King George V.
  5. On Christmas Day, members of the Royal Family attend a service at St Mary Magdalene Church on the Sandringham Estate. Local people gather outside to catch a glimpse of the family and wish them well at Christmas.
  6. Receiving flowers from a young wellwisher
    Receiving flowers from a young wellwisher
  7. Sandringham Church, Christmas Day
    Sandringham Church, Christmas Day
  8. Queen Victoria and Christmas 
    In the 19th century, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert helped popularise many of today's Christmas traditions which came from mainland Europe:
  9. Visitors to Windsor Castle can go back in time by viewing a table laid for Victorian Christmas feast and Christmas tree suspended from the ceiling just as they would have been in Queen Victoria's Day:
  10. Royal engagements over the Christmas period
    During the build-up to the festive season, Christmas events are hosted and attended by all members of the Royal family:
  11. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester attend a Christmas Party