In 2016, Bristol Learning City teamed up with Vorb to create a series of vorbs around the theme of learning. The vorb is a new interactive video sphere that pulls videos together around different points of view and topics. You choose a hashtag, put out a call to action and ask people to upload their videos to Twitter to start a vorb around a particular subject – in our case something relating to learning.


  1. Learning for Wellbeing Vorb

  2. We teamed up with Bristol Ageing Better to create an interactive vorb sharing people’s stories about learning for wellbeing, and how gaining new skills or finding out something new can improve your life and make you happier.
  3. Bristol Ageing Better have gone out and collected people’s impressions using the hashtag #LearningforWellbeing on Twitter. Some shared how learning to crochet has brought new exciting challenges to their lives, while others enjoy sharing jokes with neighbours in foreign languages, in any shape or form learning is always an experience that can improve our lives and open up new possibilities.
  4. Fresher Bristol Vorb

  5. We asked some students, who started university in September 2016, what they're looking forward to learning about in their first year of study.
  6. Take a look at the #FresherBristol vorb and listen to some insightful, interesting and lighthearted answers from the University of Bristol, University of the West of England and City of Bristol College students...
  7. Graduated Bristol Vorb

  8. Throughout the summer, we teamed up with the University of the West of England to ask their 2016 graduating students what the most important thing they learnt during their time at university was.
  9. Using the hashtag #GraduatedBristol, we wanted to find out about learning at university in its entirety, whether it's learning to be independent, time management or learning about the 'real world'.
  10. You can see all of the videos uploaded to our #GraduatedBristol vorb below...
  11. Learning Everywhere Vorb

  12. We asked the citizens of Bristol where their favourite place to learn is and this is what they said:
  13. Learning in Work Vorb

  14. Learning at Work Week is an annual awareness campaign aimed to put the spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development for all.
  15. To get the citizens of Bristol involved with Learning at Work Week in 2016, Bristol Learning City created its own Learning in Work vorb!
  16. We asked people to upload a 10 second video to Twitter, telling us the most valuable thing they’ve learnt at work or a skill they’d most like to learn.
  17. Take a look at our Learning in Work vorb below:
  18. Learning Ambassador - Vorb Workshop