Unlocking Potential

Each month the Love Learning campaign is focusing on different themes to try and encourage everyone to get involved in learning. In April 2016, we're looking at how learning helps to unlock potential. Can you help someone unlock their potential this month? Here are some hints and tips to help you!


  1. Everyone has the potential to be great and with the belief of another person it is so much easier to convert that potential to reality.
  2. Have you helped someone to unlock their potential? Why not challenge or coach someone this month, helping them to learn something new and grow as a person?
  3. Learning Quotes

  4. Here are some famous learning quotes about unlocking potential to inspire you....
  5. Resources

  6. Article - How Great Leaders Unlock Other People's Potential
  7. The greatest educators and leaders have a unique ability to unlock the potential in others. Read this article to find out how they do it...
  8. Post - Do you Unlock Potential in Others?
  9. This heart warming post is a great tribute to a leader who saw a possibility and gave the gift of development...
  10. BBC podcast - How to Turn Your Life Around
  11. Listen to this great podcast from BCC Radio 4 which explores what it takes to be able to turn your life around...
  12. Book - Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
  13. This book may help you gain the right mindset to unlock and fulfill your potential....