Making Connections

Each month the #LoveLearning campaign is focusing on different themes to try and encourage everyone to get involved in learning. In May 2016, we're focusing on learning & how it can connect us to the city by taking part in events, help us in our work and inspire others by sharing stories.


  1. This month we're focusing our learning theme on 'making connections'. We'll be adding to this theme over the month, but here are some ideas to kickstart your thinking and get your creative juices flowing.
  2. Connect and Share
  3. Offer to share your skills, knowledge or interests with others. Run a talk or presentation and help to shape new ideas and practices. Discover the passions and interests of others.
  4. Connect and Make
  5. Promote learning-through-doing and run hands-on activities that foster creativity and thinking. Link up with a creative business to run fun and practical workshops where people can create and make.
  6. Connect and Grow
  7. Create and develop learning opportunities for yourself to gain a wider understanding about a topic, workplace or skill. Could you immerse yourself in a new activity or make a new connection through a friend, colleague or family member?
  8. Connect and Address
  9. Do you have a burning issue that needs resolving? Why not collaborate with like-minded people and collaborate on exploring and finding shared solutions to your challenges?
  10. Connect and Collaborate
  11. Invite people within your professional network or local community to explore the potential for shared activities that foster new connections, thinking and collaboration.
  12. Learning Quotes

  13. Here's a collection of some thought-provoking learning quotes related to 'making connections'...
  14. Learning in Work Week (16 - 22 May 2016)