Learning in the Community

One of the areas that Bristol Learning City is seeking to collectively address is Learning in the Community. The newly established Challenge Group focuses on encouraging everyone in Bristol to value learning, whilst delivering activity to tackle inequality and identified priorities across the city.


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  3. Learning in the Community Challenge Group

  4. In November 2016, the Partnership Board of Bristol Learning City approved a Strategic Ambition which sets out the Partnership's collective priorities for action during 2016 – 2018. To reflect the new ambition, a new Challenge Group called Learning in the Community has been established.
  5. The Learning in the Community Challenge Group is focused on encouraging a culture in communities where learning is valued by everyone.
  6. Current priorities include:
    · Increasing knowledge and understanding about access and participation in learning
    · Raising aspirations and awareness for all to engage in learning
    · Providing support for learners to raise achievement.
  7. Key to the success of the new Challenge Group is the Partnership's community of over 130 Learning Ambassadors who help to develop, promote and celebrate learning opportunities across the city. The role involves helping to reach as many people in Bristol as possible and inspiring them to participate in learning.
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