Learning Ambassadors

Learning Ambassadors promote the power of learning, by sharing their learning stories, passing on messages about learning and encouraging others to learn something new. From all walks of life, Learning Ambassadors have a shared belief in the benefits of learning at a personal and city-wide level.


  1. Creating a culture of learning

    - October 2017 Theme

  2. Encouraging a culture within communities in which learning is accessible to and valued by everyone is one of our key Learning City priorities.
  3. Our Learning Ambassador programme was launched in 2016 and it has already helped us to reach and inspire many people in the city to get involved in learning.
  4. Over recent months we have been developing the role of our Ambassadors in order to create an ever-more effective network that makes the most of individual skills and passion.
  5. With this is mind, we'd like to invite all of our Learning Ambassadors to an event, hosted by the Mayor, on Thursday 2 November from 5.30pm – 7.00pm at the Light Room, Arnolfini.

    This will provide a chance to celebrate and relaunch the role of our Learning Ambassadors as well as hear from other passionate learners. We want to use this opportunity to tell you more about the revised role and to ask for your help in shaping a learning event in January 2018.
  6. To confirm your attendance, please book your place as soon as possible through Eventbrite:
  7. To find out more about this months theme, please visit:
  8. Creating a culture of learning (with images) · BristolLearning
  9. Learning beyond the classroom - Summer 2017 Theme

  10. The knowledge, skills and experience made possible through cultural learning is essential to everyone’s development. By exploring the environment, arts, films, museums and libraries we are encouraged to learn, explore and get involved ourselves.
  11. This summer we'd like to encourage everyone to continue to learn during the holiday period and seek out a range of experiences. Make sure you take a look at our summer Storify page to find out about a whole host of holiday activities that you can get involved with – from 'art attack' and 'dig it' at Bristol Museums to free sport activities, there’s something for everyone!
  12. Learning beyond the classroom (with images, tweet) · BristolLearning
  13. Making a difference - June 2017 Theme

  14. This month we’re celebrating the amazing people who strive to make a difference to the world and those around them. By volunteering, being a supportive friend or by simply learning something new, you can add value to your local community.
  15. We hope the ideas on our dedicated Storify page encourage you to inspire others and make a positive difference here in Bristol.
  16. A workshop is also being help on Tuesday 18 July, 12.30pm - 1.30pm, at City Hall in Bristol for Learning Ambassadors, and those who are interested in supporting Learning City. Together we will develop ways in which we can collectively empower more people across the city to learn. If you're interested in attending, please email: learning.city@bristol.gov.uk
  17. Making a difference (with images) · BristolLearning
  18. Let's get curious and creative - May 2017 Theme

  19. Learning at Work Week is taking place from 15 May and provides a great opportunity to promote the value of learning in the workplace. The theme for 2017 is curious and creative.
  20. Throughout the week, a number of Bristol Learning City partners, Learning Ambassadors and supporting organisations will be working together to promote and celebrate the benefits of learning and development at work. A range of FREE events and activities will be available for the local workforce and people of Bristol, as well as participating organisations employees.
  21. Let's get curious and creative (with images, tweets) · BristolLearning
  22. Spring into action - April 2017 Theme

  23. As this year's new season gets well and truly underway, we have some great events, initiatives and projects for you to get involved with. From pledging an experience of work opportunity for a young person, to playing chess in your local library, there are lots of ways to keep you busy this spring!