Learning Ambassadors

Learning Ambassadors promote the power of learning, by sharing their learning stories, passing on messages about learning and encouraging others to learn something new. From all walks of life, Learning Ambassadors have a shared belief in the benefits of learning at a personal and city-wide level.


  1. Spring into action - April 2017 Theme

  2. As this year's new season gets well and truly underway, we have some great events, initiatives and projects for you to get involved with. From pledging an experience of work opportunity for a young person, to playing chess in your local library, there are lots of ways to keep you busy this spring!
  3. Find out more by visiting our dedicated Storify page.
  4. Spring into action! (with images) · BristolLearning
  5. Learning in the Community - March 2017 Theme

  6. One of the areas that Bristol Learning City is seeking to collectively address is Learning in the Community.
  7. The newly established Challenge Group focuses on encouraging everyone in Bristol to value learning, whilst delivering activity to tackle inequality and identified priorities across the city.
  8. Find out more about the new Challenge Group and how you could learn something new in the city by visiting our dedicated Storify page:
  9. Learning in the Community (with images, tweets) · BristolLearning
  10. Environmental Learning Opportunities for All − February 2017 Theme

  11. Since holding the title of European Green Capital in 2015, learning about the environment and sustainability continues to grow across Bristol. We’re keen to empower citizens to drive positive changes in their local communities to reflect the green image that is imbedded in the city’s reputation.
  12. Take a look at our dedicated Storify page and find out about some of our education projects, including Sustainable Learning, and how to get involved:
  13. Environmental Learning Opportunities for All (with images) · BristolLearning
  14. Widening Participation

    January 2017 Theme

  15. Bristol Learning City shares a vision where everyone has the opportunity to be successful. In becoming a fairer city, we must make sure opportunities in life are not defined by personal backgrounds or economic circumstances.
  16. Visit our dedicated Storify page and find out about the new pioneering initiatives are partnership is putting into place to tackle social mobility:
  17. Widening Participation (with images, tweets) · BristolLearning
  18. Winter Learning

    December Theme

  19. We all know the 1st January is the time to finally learn that new skill or take up a new hobby. But really, why wait? There's a whole range of things to throw yourself into while the days are getting shorter and we all spend more time indoors.
  20. Visit our dedicated Storify page for some ideas of what you can learn during the rest of winter and beyond:
  21. Winter Learning (with images) · BristolLearning
  22. November Learning Theme − Developing our Future Workforce

  23. We know that the more experiences young people have, the more employable they are. Providing a variety of opportunities for young people to develop employability skills and experience of work is essential if we are to make the most of building a diverse workforce in Bristol.
  24. Last month Bristol Learning City launched WORKS – a collaboration between employers, learning providers and communities which will help to develop a skilled, local workforce - so this month we're asking our Learning Ambassadors to consider how they can get involved. From offering experiences of work to mentoring or networking opportunities, there are lots of ways to help develop the skills of the young people in this city.
  25. Find out more by visiting our Storify page: