Fresh Ideas

The precious summer months have whizzed by, the new academic year is upon us and it's that time of year to start applying oneself again - not only for students and teachers, but for those in the workplace too. Alongside new starts, learning can be creative and innovative; and with the right motivation lead to endless possibilities.


  1. Learning Quotes

  2. Learning Story of the Month - meet Barry!

  3. Barry is the Chief Executive and Technical Director of Open Up Music in Bristol. He is driven by a belief that young disabled musicians deserve more affordable, expressive musical instruments and better opportunities to progress in the arts.
  4. Open Up Music empowers young disabled musicians to build inclusive youth orchestras. They develop accessible musical instruments and repertoire, challenge expectations and forge new progression routes through the creation of great music.
  5. In September 2015, Open Up Music launched the UK's first disabled-led regional youth orchestra. Watch this ten minute BBC documentary that follows the musical journey of one of Open Up Music's young musicians Bradley Warwick. Bradley plays a very special musical instrument that was created especially for him by Open Up Music - an instrument he can play with his eyes!
  6. Inside Out West - Bradley Warwick
  7. Interested in joining the orchestra? Open Up Music are auditioning! If you have a passion for music making and want to show the world what you can do, then the orchestra might just be for you!
  8. Visit the Open Up Music website for more information...
  9. Open Up Music have also established three of the UK's first disabled-led 'Open School Orchestras'. Watch this short film documenting a year-long project, culminating in a landmark performance at the Colston Hall for the three orchestras.
  10. To find out more about 'Open School Orchestras' visit: