Developing our Future Workforce

We know that the more experiences young people have, the more employable they are. Providing a variety of opportunities for young people to develop employability skills and experience of work is essential if we are to make the most of building a diverse workforce in Bristol.


  1. Learning Quotes

  2. Learning Story of the Month - meet Kayleigh!

  3. After leaving school at 15 with no qualifications and becoming a young parent, I wasn’t too optimistic about a future career.
  4. I had always assumed I would settle for working as a waitress or behind a bar, which I did for a few years. I decided at this point to enrol in a college course, where I gained three basic qualifications, in order to improve my employment opportunities. I spent a lot of time searching through job advert after job advert; they all seemed to require more experience or additional qualifications which I didn’t have.
  5. At 19 and with my daughter due to start school, I started looking at ways to further my learning and expand my career prospects.
  6. I had heard about apprenticeships through friends, but never really looked into what they could offer. I found some further information online, which seemed to fit what I needed: more qualifications, on the job learning, real experience. I applied for several different apprenticeships, some with private companies and two with Bristol City Council. I received letters through the post inviting me for an interview for both apprenticeships with Bristol City Council, a couple of days apart.
  7. My first interview was for the Early Years and Childcare Service as a Business Support Apprentice. I had not had many interviews before and was terribly nervous, but the interview went well and I left feeling considerably better. I had a voicemail waiting for me two days later, offering me the position, which I accepted. I cancelled my second interview.
  8. I started in September on a Level 2 apprenticeship. My manager and I both felt that my skill set was too advanced for a Level 2, so we encouraged the Apprenticeship Team to move me on to a Level 3. The Level 3 was due to last 18 months, I completed it in 11. During the 11 months, I attended college one day per week, where I gained an extra 4 qualifications. Following a recommendation from my ICT tutor, Bristol City Council funded a place for me on another college course, where I gained additional qualifications in the use of databases.
  9. To read Kayleigh's entire Learning Story, please visit our dedicated Storify page:
  10. WORKS

  11. Local businesses are being called on to join a new collaboration between Bristol’s employers, learning providers and young people to help develop a skilled local workforce.
  12. Led by the Bristol Learning City Partnership, WORKS will offer a new way to bridge the skills gap between education and employment, offering local businesses a way to help shape the city’s future employees.
  13. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  14. WORKS was launched on Friday 14 October with local employers and learning providers at an event hosted by Clarke Willmott, a Learning City partner, with keynote speeches from Bouygues UK and Bristol Metropolitan Academy.