Change and Grow

Our Love Learning theme for July 2016 is change & grow. Learning is a lifetime process, you don't stop. You can choose to make little steps of change at any time by learning something new, and these little steps will then help you to grow in a positive way. Learn something new this month and enjoy!


  1. Image courtesy of pixtawan
  2. Learning Quotes

  3. Take a look at some inspirational learning quotes we've found about the importance of changing and growing...
  4. Events

  5. Discover learning-related events in Bristol that could help you to change and grow this month...
  6. Learning Story of the Month

  7. Antonette is 72 years old and studying a Foundation Course at the University of Bristol. Listen to Antonette's inspirational story which demonstrates that you are never too old to learn!
  8. Learning Ambassador Spotlight: Debbie Miles, Every Child a Reader Project

  9. Debbie is a Learning Ambassador who leads on the ‘Every Child a Reader’ Project in Bristol. Last month she went on an epic adventure and major personal learning journey, cycling from Tanzania to the Ngorongor crater for charity.
  10. A highlight of Debbie's trip was visiting local communities and sharing wonderful books with school children, that were donated by four publishers.
  11. As a Learning Ambassador Debbie is keen to create opportunities for learning, whether locally in Bristol or further afield, and during her trip in Africa she was very proud that she could help make a small difference to so many children’s lives.