Climate Change

By Brianne Becker This lesson is about Climate Change. What is it and how it affects you.


  1. What do you know about Climate Change? What does Climate Change mean to you?
  2. Climate change is the overall change in the Earth's climate. Throughout history, Earth has seen many signifficant climate changes in all sorts of fashions. What are some examples of Climate Change? What kinds of Climate Change do we see today?
  3. Climate Change is also specific to each area. For example, Climate Change will have a different effect on coastal regions of the U.S. than it will on the more mountainous regions. How will the current Climate Change trends affect your region?
  4. There is no arguing that signs of increasing Climate Change exsist today. There is, however, much controversy over what is the cause of this increase. Some believe that human activity is responsible for the change, whereas others stick to the belief that this increase is a normal phenominon and is nothing to be concerned about. What are some of the points each sides of the argument make? What is your opinion? Should Climate Change be something to be concern about?
  5. Whether or not Climate Change is something to be concerned about now, there is no harm in trying to reduce any contribution to increased Climate Change. What can you do to prevent future Climate Change?
  6. How does your understanding of Climate Change differ from what it was before? Write a paper about your understanding and opinion of this topic. Make sure to answer all of the other questions throughout this story in your paper.